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Foraging Pouch

Foraging Pouch


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Prefilled with hundreds of crinkle paper strands.
Using the large plastic link at the top, the pouch can be secured to the cage side or roof. Bird safe poly rope has been used to secure a host of fun to chew parts down each side of the pouch, providing the bird with a greater variety of materials to play with.

If the Parrot enjoys foraging for their food or for edible treats then why not hide them inside the toy. Encouraging a bird to forage, especially for food is a great way to ensure they receive some of the best mental stimulation available!

Alternatively the pouch can be filled with any other of the Parrots favourite materials, cotton, sisal, leather or wooden shapes, in fact anything that they will happily work to retrieve.
Suitable for African Greys, Amazons, Caiques, Senegals, mini Macaws etc
Length 35cm (13.75")
Width 37cm (14.5")
Depth 20cm (8")