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Java Trees Full Size Large

The Java Tree Perch is natural and environmentally friendly. Sculptured by nature herself, these beautiful trees are ergonomically perfect for our bird friends. The trees are designed by trimming off excess branches keeping in mind bird sizes, toy placement, and climbing Java Trees are both beautiful and functional. The Tree is sawn near its crown. Stainless tubing and rods are inserted into the crown and trunk respectively. Assembling of the tree requires only to slide the crown onto its trunk. Natural for your bird to climb on and chew Java trees are some of the strongest wood therefore made to last. Sustainable sourced with Foresty Comission licenses

Each tree stands approx. 4 - 5ft tall on a base approx 3ft x 2ft  
CHOOSE YOUR OWN!! THE PICTURES REPRESENT THE INDIVIDUAL TREES SO YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE TO SUIT YOUR BIRD. Please note bowls must not be screwed on tightly or they break, each bowl is carefully checked before dispatch so replacements will not be issued
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