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Arcadia E27 Lamp Kit with Bulb

Arcadia E27 Lamp Kit with Bulb

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Review Arcadia E27 Lamp Kit with Bulb

Special Offer...This brand new model of Arcadia Lamp with the Bulb Included! All you need to get started!
It is solid metal and has the best reflector that Arcadia have ever made for the screw in compact lamp. It also has a bracket inclusive of the kit that allows it to be bolted onto a cage without a parrot being able to undo the bolts. Really clever design.
  • Made from solid aluminium construction
  • Diffused high output reflector for maximum light distribution
  • Universal E27 fitting
  • Can be safely bolted onto a bird cage
  • Switch on the cable
  • Removable safety mesh
  • Suitable for all E27 compact lamps up to 23W
Providing your bird with the essential light and UV to maintain health and well being. Helps process calcium in the brain therefore can help behavioural issues, plucking etc though clearly if these occur with a bird you should seek vets advice.
UV lights are recommended by avian vets!
This fitting has been carefully designed to be fitted onto a bird cage safely. However large hookbills and those birds that are prone to chewing should be prevented from reaching the cables and lamp. For these birds the use of the Parrot Pro maybe a better idea which is a floor standing lamp kit.

Arcadia E27 Lamp Kit with Bulb
Review Arcadia E27 Lamp Kit with Bulb