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Arcadia Mini UV Light Kit

Arcadia Mini UV Light Kit

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This is a full kit consisting of the light bar with integrated switch (electronic ballast) power cable, 1.5m link cable, fitting kit, specially designed multi use reflector and 2.4% UVB full spectrum+UVB lamp

Providing high quality, full spectrum +UVB light, essential to the natural production of vitamin D3 into small cages and for breeding systems has always been tricky. For the first time 'Arcadia' the world leaders in full spectrum bird lighting have been able to adapt proven technology in order to provide a practical solution for all keepers and breeders of smaller birds. The ability to link up to 10 units from one power supply with the link cable (included) is a real benefit to breeders.

Wether you have a single pet bird or a whole bird room dedicated to the keeping and breeding of show birds, the all new 8watt system could be the answer for you.
The system is easy to fit and includes all of the electronics, specially designed reflector, link cable and the branded Arcadia 'bird lamp'. Unlike ineffective LED systems the Arcadia 'Bird lamp' boasts a gentle 2.4% UVB which will, if used as directed help to both activate natural colour vision and cause the production of the essential vitamin D3 within the body in a safe and regulated way. Vitamin D3 has many essential uses including allowing the body to assimilate, store and to use Calcium.
The Arcadia 8w bird fitting is easy to use and easy to fit. It is a low energy product and is small enough to create areas of light and shade within most standard cages.
As always the high quality German made lamp is guaranteed to be UVB potent for 12 whole months and is easy to change at the end of this period