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Arcadia Sun Lamp Kit

Arcadia Sun Lamp Kit

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The complete kit, lamp, bulb and stand
The use of a light source that mimics the natural UV content of sunlight has recognised health benefits, and provides birds with a more natural view their surroundings, encouraging natural behaviour and in many cases improved breeding results. May also help curb feather plucking along with improving the psychological well being of your bird.
Unlike normal fluorescent lamps, the Arcadia Bird Lamp uses special UV emitting phosphors to replicate the spectral pattern of sunlight with 12% of the total light output emitted as UV-A and 2.4% UV-B.
  • Provides all of the UVA and UVB that birds require to flourish in captivity
  • The Parrot Pro will project usable UV over a wider area and further into a cage than any other bird lamp
  • Electronically ballasted, this means that it is safe for birds sensitive eyes
  • Provides all of the UVB over a focusable area that birds need to produce and use vitamin D3
  • Plug and Play-includes High Output Bird lamp
  • Easy to fit and waterproof so safe to use whilst bathing and misting the birds.
The special UV coating is designed to last 12 months when used for an average of 8 - 10 hours per day.
Birds and Parrots have specialised retinas that enable them to see UVA; helping them to recognise mates, locate food, and identify different species. Without UVA, birds are deprived of the full colour spectrum they see in nature and are colour blind.

This light comes complete with the bulb and stand 
Position your Parrot Pro or UV Flood over your bird cage
  • Includes clips to keep electric cables away from enclosures
  • Multiple adjustment points

    Dimensions - Stand
    Max Height 5` (59")
    Min Height 3` (35.5")
    Materials - Stand

    Dimensions - Flood Lamp
    Length: 36cm (14")
    Width: 15cm (6")
    Depth: 4cm (1.5")
    Length of wire to Starter Unit: 175cm (69")
    Dimensions - Starter Unit
    Length: 18cm (7")
    Width: 5.5cm (2")
    Depth: 3.5cm (1.25")
    Length of wire to Plug: 26cm (10.25")
    Materials - Flood Lamp
    Metal, Plastic, Glass