Aviator Harness Leash Extension Large

Lead Extension Large

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  • Aviator Harness Leash Extensions attach directly onto Aviator Harness wrist strap.
  • Beginners should start with short Leash Extension to gain experience with your flight area. It is easy to misgauge distances and allow your bird to land on a tree limb or roof that is out of reach. Many birds that are learning to fly are able to fly up but afraid to fly down from high perches.
  • Leash Extensions are made from high quality nylon and rubber shock cords that expand as much as 100% depending upon the health and strength of your friend.
  • Do not connect multiple extensions together. The connection can become snagged on grass making it difficult for a bird to maintain flight. Mow grass short to eliminate as much drag as possible when flying.
Always attach Flight Extension wrist strap securely to your wrist and hold adjoining section of leash in your hand for extra security. The Flight Extension clasp is small but strong. Because a bird will be carrying the leash when he fly's it is necessary to make every part as light as possible. Take care to carefully attach the clasp to the harness wrist strap without damaging the wrist strap material. 
Size 20ft (7 Metres) this is suited to the Small harness and upwards
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Bird Type/Species African Grey, Amazon, Large Macaw & Cockatoo
Manufacturer Aviator
Product Type Accessories
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