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Aviator Harness Small

Aviator Harness Small


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Aviator Harness Small

* The Only Escape Proof Harness - one piece construction, no buckles or clips for the bird to undo or break, wrist loop to prevent dropping the lead
* The Only Easy Fitting Harness - just slide the harness over the birds head, lift each wing through the loop and tighten the belt.
* The Only Harness that comes with a FREE 40 minute instructional DVD telling you 
How to easily fit and safely use the Aviator 
How to train your bird to love the Aviator 
How to teach old birds new tricks 
The Aviator Harness is so advanced and unique it has 8 patents pending!
Small For Birds from 190–450 grams – Small Cockatoos (Goffins, Galah, Lesser Sulphur etc), Most Amazons (Blue-Front, Lilac-Crowned, Orange-Winged etc), Timnehs, Jardines, Poinus.

Aviator Harness Small
Review Aviator Harness Small
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