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Acrylic, Plastic & Other Toys

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  1. Indestructabell Small Bird Bell
        The title speaks for itself with this toy. A bell encased in a tough polycarbonte case to stop your... Learn More
  2. Indestructabell Large Bird Bell
        The title speaks for itself with this toy. A bell encased in a tough polycarbonte case to stop your... Learn More
  3. Binky Ball Large Bird Foot Toy
        Push all the dummy shaped pacifier beads into the latex ball and then let your bird remove them all!!... Learn More
  4. Bell Carousel Small Bird Bead Toy
        A central wire piece holding 3 coloured ABC wooden bocks with 3 colourful arms of beads each with a... Learn More
  5. Senior Hanging Binky Ball
    A hard colored baseball size plastic whiffle ball with lots of pacifier beads sticking out. Learn More
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    Savic Splash Extra Large Parrot Bath
    Special Price £30.00 Regular Price £40.00
        This sturdy hooded bath can be attached to the inside or outside of the cage, meaning their bird can bathe in... Learn More
  7. Nuts Bolts And Binkys Large Bird Toy
        A hanging large plastic whiffle ball filled with a combination of popular plastic nuts and bolts and... Learn More
  8. Nuts Bolts And Binky Medium Bird Toy
        A hanging plastic whiffle ball filled with a combination of popular plastic nuts and bolts and plastic... Learn More
  9. Tornado Acrylic Bird Toy
        The twists and turns of the Tornado toy will keep your birds occupied for hours. With the central... Learn More
  10. Zoo Max Baby Darling - Small Bird Toy
        With a wood ring at the top, sitting on a acrylic triangle, with several pony beads and plastics... Learn More
  11. Rock & Roll Small Bird Seesaw Swing
        A fun hanging seesaw perch for birds who just love to share. With colourful pony beads and a wooden... Learn More
  12. Binky Ball Small Bird Foot Toy
        Delightful dummy shaped pacifier beads can be found packed in to the spaces left in this ball of knotted latex... Learn More
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    Nuts N Cogs Small Bird Toy
    2 Plastic cogs hold these fun nuts and bolts which birds love the feel of as they unfasten them. With binkies and pony... Learn More
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    Crazy Cage Side Spinner Acrylic Bird Toy
    Special Price £7.00 Regular Price £9.00
    Acrylic bird toy which fixes to the side of the cage, with small beads inside which rattle with every spin. Size 10.5... Learn More
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    Healthy Beak Mineral Block Bird Toy
    Your birds health is very important. Here not only with the minerals in these 2 stones help your bird remain healthy... Learn More
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    Little Loops Small Bird Toy
    Pony bead middle with teeny wooden slats to chew with plastic loops and shapes. Fun for all small birds Size 19 x 6cm Learn More
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    Binkie Bird Buddy Small Toy
    Plastic birdie friend with hanging acrylic balls, binkies and bell Size 13 x 8cm Learn More
  18. Flower Acrylic Bird Foot Toy
    Birds love to use their feet to play. Our fun acrylic dumbell with dice and moving acrylic flowers is a great easy to... Learn More
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    Jingle Chain Bird Toy
    Fun plastic chain with acrylic shapes, dice and jingle balls. Colours vary Size 55cm long Learn More
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    Ferris Wheel Small Bird Toy
    Plastic ferris wheel, a fun toy for small birds to spin, hide small treats in the seats for extra fun Learn More
  21. Magic Box Foraging Training Toy Large
    Acrylic foraging box. Hide treats inside and your bird must remove the pegs on top to retrieve the treat, then... Learn More
  22. Crinkle Paper Croc Small Bird Toy
    Croc shoe filled with crinkle paper, hanging binky and various colours of shoe. Great for hiding treats inside! Size 8... Learn More
  23. Love Me Bagels Bird Toy
    Chewable fruit flavoured bagels with tough plastic hearts and star shapes and beads. Fun for Budgies, Conures,... Learn More
  24. Loopy Laces Bird Toy
    Birds love to preen, our loopy laces are bird safe shoelaces which hang down for your bird to chew, add knots for extra... Learn More
  25. Porcupine Bolts Small Bird Toy
    Fun hanging chain with bird porcupine balls (a common favourite) and bolts birds love to move with their tongues Learn More
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    Small Bird Sunflower Mirror
    Special Price £3.80 Regular Price £4.00
    Plastic small bird mirror sunflower design. Colours vary approx 12cm Learn More
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    Birdie Hoopla Trick Training Toy
    Birds are very intelligent and require stimulation. The hoopla toy is great to use with supervision encouraging first... Learn More
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    Whiffle Wobble Fun
    Top whiffle ball with hanging strands of colourful cotton fluffed. Size 25 x 5cm or actual toy 20 x 5cm Learn More
  29. Java Waikiki Chew Large
    A fun toy with so many different materials. From fleece and material strands to coconut fibre and shell, seashells and... Learn More
  30. Java Waikiki Chew Toy Medium
    A fun toy with so many different materials. From fleece and material strands to coconut fibre and shell, seashells and... Learn More
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    Wriggling Whiffle Rope
    Whiffle balls are an old favourite that never fail to bring fun. With pull out pieces, fun hanging rope and cogs Size... Learn More
  32. Binky Spoons
    Plastic piping piece with acrylic binkies and hanging shiny spoons.  Size 22 x 9cm Learn More
  33. Baby Houses Tug Toy
    Whether they like to chew the cute little houses with the ridge roof, or push and pull on the chains to then tug at the... Learn More
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    Acrylic Flowers Pack 24 - Toy Making Part
    Pack of 24 Large colourful flowers, to be used to replenish old toys or make new. Size 5cm Learn More
  35. New
    Acrylic Baby Beads Toy
    Acrylic toys are longer lasting and easy to clean. With fun beads inside for smaller birds. Size 9cm high x 7cm wide Learn More
  36. New
    Acrylic Cogs
    A bright fun acrylic and plastic toy with colourful cogs. Easy to clean and longer lasting (though destructive birds... Learn More
  37. New
    Lots Of Love
    The lots of love toy is suitable for smaller birds who will just love the rolling barrel with bell, this bright toy is... Learn More
  38. New
    Music Note Small Bird Toy
    A plastic toy for small birds with fun hanging shapes and a central moving abacus of beads. 27 x 10cm actual toy 16 x... Learn More
  39. New
    Acrylic Rainbow Logs Bird Toy
    A fun toy for small and less destructive medium birds. Acrylic toys look bright in the cage and are easy to clean. With... Learn More
  40. New
    Mirror Spin Small Bird Toy
    Your bird will love to catch a glimpse of himself in the 4 mirrors as he plays with the central plastic sphere ball.... Learn More
  41. New
    Ace Of Spades Chain
    Fun hanging chain with acrylic ace of spades shapes and hanging rolling barrel on the bottom. You can add more pieces... Learn More
  42. New
    Birdie Keyring
    Birds love keys (and everything else they are not allowed)! This small bird toy is great fun a giant keyring with... Learn More
  43. New
    Soccer Star
    A lightweight plastic ball which is easy to lift and move around for smaller pets. Great fun to play with your... Learn More
  44. New
    Ring My Bell
    Large bell on hanging chain with acrylic dummies and a plastic flower cog. Size 14cm chain with a 6 x 4cm bell Learn More
  45. New
    Java Disco Dancer Extra Small
    Disco dancer is suited to smaller birds such as Budgies. With a java middle and hanging pieces such as wooden discs and... Learn More
  46. New
    Roll It Toy Pack
    Made from plastic the toy pack contains one jingle ball and one rattle barrel. Not for destructive pets Size 4-5cm Learn More
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    Cog Winder Small Bird Toy
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
    A durable, hygienic and brightly coloured cage toy. Designed to stimulate all the senses, keeping birds entertained and... Learn More
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    Cog Winder Large Bird Toy
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £8.00
    A durable, hygienic and brightly coloured cage toy. Designed to stimulate all the senses, keeping birds entertained and... Learn More
  49. Training Clicker for Parrots
        Colourful clicker, fits nicely in your hand Train your bird using the clicker, treat with rewards and... Learn More
  50. Beaded Bridge Small Bird Ladder/Bridge
        A sweet yet large beaded bridge toy for smaller parrots and Parakeets. With acrylic pieces and plastic... Learn More
  51. Milky Way Bagel Bird Toy
        Your bird will love the intertwined spinning bagels with the variety of hanging shapes and... Learn More
  52. Block Play Bird Toy
        The semi circle half bagel rainbow is the core for the hanging cogs, ABC Blocks, Pony beads and other... Learn More
  53. Play N Chew Small Bird Toy
        With a hanging whiffle ball packed with chewable pieces and a wicker ball on chain your bird will enjoy... Learn More
  54. Play N Chew Large Bird Toy
        Your bird will never tire of this hanging whiffle ball with chewable pieces on a chain with extra... Learn More
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    Hanging Puzzle Nut Job Bird Toy
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
        Turning and twisting, opening and unfastening, all part of a days work if you`re a parrot. The nut job... Learn More
  56. Sliders Plastic Bird Toy Medium
        Pull me tug me the sliders toy has a barrel tope encasing the chains which hold a cariety of toys on... Learn More
  57. Stainless Steel Bird Bell Medium
        100% bird safe stainless steel bell. The outer casing ensures safety when using the toy so your bird... Learn More
  58. Domino & Keys Small Bird Toy
        A fun toy for smaller birds with bird safe keys and dominoes, attaches to the cage with plastic link... Learn More
  59. Rattle N Rope Small Bird Toy
        For birds to love to make a noise the rattle n rope is preenable rope at the bottom with a ball and... Learn More
  60. Bagel Man Small Birdy Bird Toy
        The Bagel Man is one long body of chomping bagels! With different shapes and sizes of beads for arms... Learn More
  61. Tower Of Bagels - Birdy Bagel Toy
        The toy starts with a bagel and has hanging laces of leather with towers of bagels threaded on. To add... Learn More
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    Birdy Bagel Buster - Large Bird Toy
        Compressed fruity cardboard rings are one of our best sellers for birds and the bagel buster provides... Learn More
  63. Bagel Hoopla - Birdy Bagel Toy
        Lots and lots of mini bagels threaded onto continuous plastic links. It`s bright, it`s fun, your bird... Learn More
  64. Click Clack - Small Bird Toy
    Paper bagels, hard plastic charms, and soft rubber porcupine balls are the perfect size for beak play.  Some of the... Learn More
  65. Rolls And Bells Plastic Bird Toy
    A fun plastic toy for smaller and less destructive medium birds who like to make a noise!! With bells inside these... Learn More
  66. Christmas Decoration Bird Toy
    A variety of materials for smaller birds (Cockatiels, Conures etc) to chew, with hanging chain and bell Size 22 x... Learn More
  67. The Slipper Small Bird Toy
    An unusual texture for your bird to chew through with hanging plastic pieces for smaller birds such as Caiques,... Learn More
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    Plastic Mini Hoops - Small Bird Toy
        Mini Hoops for small birds such as Cockatiels, Budgies, Kakariki etc. Fun and colourful, with bell.... Learn More
  69. Bird Mirror With Bells
        Smaller birds love to chatter to themselves in the mirror. This larger mirror with colourful bells... Learn More