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Acrylic, Plastic & Other Toys
Acrylic, Plastic & Other Toys

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  1. Tip N Tilt Bird Forager
    A foraging toy with a clear acrylic so the treats are easily seen. Tilt and pull the 2 acrylic pieces to allow the... Learn More
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    Crazy Cage Side Spinner Acrylic Bird Toy
    Acrylic bird toy which fixes to the side of the cage, with small beads inside which rattle with every spin. Size 10.5... Learn More
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    Klick Klack Mini Bird Toy
    Bird safe jelly like material your bird will love to squidge and chew  Not for destructive birds, colours vary Size... Learn More
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    Happy Rattle Chain Dangler
    Colourful plastic chain with happy rattles, mini wood discs, bells and porcupine balls. Size 28 x 8cm Learn More
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    Nuts N Cogs Small Bird Toy
    2 Plastic cogs hold these fun nuts and bolts which birds love the feel of as they unfasten them. With binkies and pony... Learn More
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    Bonnie Bonnet N Bell
    Small bird toy with chewable bonnett hat, plastic shapes and a bell Size 30cm Learn More
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    Treat Chain Mini Mugs
    Mini mugs on plastic chain a great foraging opportunity for small birds 17 x 3cm Learn More
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    Goofy Links Chunky Plastic Bird Toy
    Goofy links are solid chunky plastic that can be chewed and climbed on.. Some people split them and use as toy... Learn More
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    Birdie Buddy Plastic Companion On Spring
    Special Price £0.60 Regular Price £2.00
    All time classic favourite for Budgies and small birds, the companion on the spring moves as your bird pecks at... Learn More
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    Double Sunflower Small Bird Mirror
    Special Price £1.00 Regular Price £3.00
    Double mirror suitable for Budgies and small birds. Pretty colours and turns as the bird plays and pecks at it. Size... Learn More
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    Binky Mobile Small Bird Toy
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
        Binky mobile small bird toy with half bagels, wooden slats, plastic beads and plastic cogs. Size approx 20 x... Learn More
  12. Pollys Better Beak Large Beak Trimmer
        Allow your bird to instinctively chew and grind his beak down on this solid yet fun looking... Learn More
  13. Bird Proof Bell Small - Parrot
        On hanging chain, colours may vary. 100% Zinc free bird safe paint  Small for Senegals, Caiques... Learn More
  14. Millet Holder
        The flexible design of the millet holder means it will accomodate most snacks, not only... Learn More
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    Binky Ball Small Bird Foot Toy
        Delightful dummy shaped pacifier beads can be found packed in to the spaces left in this ball of knotted latex... Learn More
  16. Mimic Me - Teach Your Bird To Talk
        . The Mimic Me assists in teaching pet birds new words and phrases through repetition. You can easily... Learn More
  17. Rock & Roll Small Bird Seesaw Swing
        A fun hanging seesaw perch for birds who just love to share. With colourful pony beads and a wooden... Learn More
  18. Zoo Max Baby Darling - Small Bird Toy
        With a wood ring at the top, sitting on a acrylic triangle, with several pony beads and plastics... Learn More
  19. Tornado Acrylic Bird Toy
        The twists and turns of the Tornado toy will keep your birds occupied for hours. With the central... Learn More
  20. Timeo Small Bird Toy
        Made from: acrylic parts, plastic animals farm, vegetable leather lace, pony beads & bell. Simple... Learn More
  21. Nuts Bolts And Binky Medium Bird Toy
        A hanging plastic whiffle ball filled with a combination of popular plastic nuts and bolts and plastic... Learn More
  22. Nuts Bolts And Binkys Large Bird Toy
        A hanging large plastic whiffle ball filled with a combination of popular plastic nuts and bolts and... Learn More
  23. Krazy Fruit Kabob Foraging Skewer
        Hanging fruit Kabob with a plastic pineapple shape on the top to make it more appealing! Hang toys or... Learn More
  24. Bell Carousel Small Bird Bead Toy
        A central wire piece holding 3 coloured ABC wooden bocks with 3 colourful arms of beads each with a... Learn More
  25. Ball Of Nuts And Bolts Bird Toy
        Colourful and stimulating and over twenty nuts and bolts to be worked at! Each can be removed from the... Learn More
  26. Binky Ball Large Bird Foot Toy
        Push all the dummy shaped pacifier beads into the latex ball and then let your bird remove them all!!... Learn More
  27. Indestructabell Large Bird Bell
        The title speaks for itself with this toy. A bell encased in a tough polycarbonte case to stop your... Learn More
  28. Indestructabell Small Bird Bell
        The title speaks for itself with this toy. A bell encased in a tough polycarbonte case to stop your... Learn More
  29. Drop Stix Medium Bird Toy
        Tough Acrylic box filled with wooden sticks for your bird to chew up. Suitable for birds up to Small... Learn More
  30. Wyld Pom Pom Small bird Toy
        Size: 10 x 6cm. A strip of doubled over vegetable tanned leather with colourful pacifiers, rubber pom... Learn More
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    Woven Whiffles Small Bird Toy
        Suitable for smaller birds such as Conures, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and similar sized birds. With fun whiffle... Learn More
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    Link A Bagel Bird Toy With Plastic Shapes
          Hanging toy with plastic shapes and plastic beads linking up mini fruit flavoured baby bagels! Suitable for... Learn More
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    Cosmic Bagels Small Bird Bagel & Bead Toy
          An intricate toy with lots of pieces for birds to play with, from fruity bagels of various sizes to pony... Learn More
  34. New
    Baby Bagels and Felt Small Bird Toy
          Beautiful small bird toy with felt flowers, acrylic pieces and shapes and a fruit flavoured baby bagel.... Learn More
  35. Whiffle Ball Tower Small Bird Toy
          Suitable for smaller birds such as Conures, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and similar sized birds. With fun... Learn More
  36. New
    Binky Planet Small Bird Toy
        Suitable for smaller birds such as Senegals, Pionus, Caiques, jardines and similar sized parrots the binky... Learn More
  37. Fruit Holder Skewer Kabob - Apple Design
        A good way to encourage your bird to eat fruit and vegetables. Hung on this kabob skewer (unscrew the... Learn More
  38. Spring Basket Small Bird Toy
        Many birds just love these small toys with so many different textures from the woven basket to the... Learn More
  39. Wonderful Whiffles Small Bird Toy
        Many birds just love these small whiffle balls, all clustered together on leather strips with pony... Learn More
  40. Spin Cycle Plastic Bird Toy
          Enrich your bird's life with this interactive spinning toy. The Spin Cycle bird toy mounts... Learn More
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    Binky Bagels Medium Bird Toy
        Small Binky ball on the end of plastic open links with fruit flavoured carboard birdie bagels. Size... Learn More
  42. Corny Cakes Small Bird Toy
        Smaller birds need a variety of materials to keep ther beaks trim and to keep them interested. The... Learn More
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    Fuzzy Fingers Small Bird Toy With Woven Paper Sticks
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
        Your bird will love to get his beak around the soft material of the fuzzy fun. With added hidden monkey... Learn More
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    Birdie Whirl Acrylic & Plastic Bird Toy
        Acrylic diamond with plastic swirling cogs and a moveable bead. Suitable for Pionus, Senegals,... Learn More
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    Bagel Ball Ring Bird Toy
        With plastic hanging chain and a ring full of chewable birdie bagels this chewable toy is great fun for... Learn More
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    Jingle Leather & Beads Small Bird Toy
        Strong plastic chain with jingle ball, leather strips and beads for birds such as Caiques, Senegals... Learn More
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    Link Ups Plastic Bird Toy
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £4.00
          Fun plastic coloured shapes all linked together. Size approx 30 x 6cm Learn More
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    Shiny Spoons Medium Bird Toy
          Birds always want what they can`t have. Now they have their own feeding set. These bird safe... Learn More
  49. Crazy Twist Small Bird Toy
        With plastic and acrylic the crazy twist is a fun bright toy Size approx 21 x 11 x 6cm Learn More
  50. Acrylic Heart SeeSaw Bird Toy
        A fun toy which is easy to clean and brightens the cage. Your bird will love trying to remove the... Learn More
  51. Bone Chew Fun Medium Bird Toy
        Bird safe rawhide bones (not the same rawhide used in dog treats) all threaded onto chain. Really good... Learn More
  52. Bells N Balls Small Bird Toy
        So many different textures on this fun horizontal bird toy with porcupine balls, beads, plastic discs... Learn More
  53. Twist N Chime Medium Bird Chime Toy
        Birds love to make a noise and the shiny chimes are so much fun for African Greys, Caiques, Senegals... Learn More
  54. Iron Giant Medium Bird Chime Toy
        Birds love to make a noise and the shiny chimes are so much fun for African Greys, Caiques, Senegals... Learn More
  55. Star Links Medium Bird Plastic Toy
        Fun to push and pull the star links toy is easy to clean and effective in any cage for birds such as... Learn More
  56. New
    Bone Shoe Fun Small Bird Toy
        Bird safe rawhide (this is not the type found on dog toys and has no chemical agents) made into a fun... Learn More
  57. Silly Saucer Small Bird Toy
    Small beads inside the odd shaped saucer move and turn when your bird maneuvers the toy, making captivating sounds.... Learn More
  58. Trio Crazy Balls Bird Toy
        Plastic balls on hanging plastic chain. Birds can bash and play with them, climb and hang and you can... Learn More
  59. Whiffle Wonder Small Bird Toy
        Birds love the feel of plastic whiffle balls, this toy has 2 balls on hanging cotton with natural... Learn More
  60. Flower Stem Small Bird Toy
        This 40cm bird toy is great fun to climb and play for Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers and similar sized... Learn More
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    Calcium Chime Bird Toy Special Offer Pack
    Special Price £7.00 Regular Price £10.00
        Special offer bird toy pack. 3 bird chimes with edible calcium stars and coloured rope. Sizes suit... Learn More
  62. Cheers Small Bird Toy
    Small bird toy with teeny little cups you can add tiny treats to. Acrylic binky dummies and a cute little rocking... Learn More
  63. Birdie Boquet Small Bird Toy
        Small birds love intricate pieces to pick and play with. The Birdie Boquet has a main central ball with... Learn More
  64. Crazy Cluster Small Bird Toy
        30cm Bird Toy Suiting African Greys, Caiques, Senegals etc A hanging jingle ball with paulie rope... Learn More
  65. Bird Roller Skates - Parrot Trick Toy
        A fun trick training item to be used with supervision. Train your bird kindly using lots of praise and... Learn More
  66. Fruit Holder Skewer Kabob - Pear Design
        A good way to encourage your bird to eat fruit and vegetables. Hung on this kabob skewer (unscrew the... Learn More
  67. Fruit Holder Skewer Kabob - Banana Design
        A good way to encourage your bird to eat fruit and vegetables. Hung on this kabob skewer (unscrew the... Learn More
  68. 4 Acrylic Hoops -Acrylic Parrot Toy
        Easy to clean the acrylic hoops are a toy which brightens up the cage and is fun for birds to hang from... Learn More
  69. New
    Plastic Mini Hoops - Small Bird Toy
        Mini Hoops for small birds such as Cockatiels, Budgies, Kakariki etc. Fun and colourful, with bell.... Learn More
  70. Tubular Bells - Chime Bird Toy
        For the birds who like to make a noise the shiny chimes have hanging bells at the bottom and plastic... Learn More
  71. The Slipper Small Bird Toy
    An unusual texture for your bird to chew through with hanging plastic pieces for smaller birds such as Caiques,... Learn More
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    Road Runner Bird Trick Toy Car
    Special Price £10.00 Regular Price £12.00
        A fun toy to interact with your bird with, recommended this toy is used whilst supervised so your bird... Learn More
  73. Christmas Decoration Bird Toy
    A variety of materials for smaller birds (Cockatiels, Conures etc) to chew, with hanging chain and bell Size 22 x... Learn More
  74. Rolls And Bells Plastic Bird Toy
    A fun plastic toy for smaller and less destructive medium birds who like to make a noise!! With bells inside these... Learn More
  75. Triple Teardrop Bird Windchime With Calcium
        This toy makes a lovely noise as your bird is playing with it, also attached are some fruit flavoured... Learn More
  76. Bagel Hoopla - Birdy Bagel Toy
        Lots and lots of mini bagels threaded onto continuous plastic links. It`s bright, it`s fun, your bird... Learn More
  77. New
    Birdy Bagel Buster - Large Bird Toy
        Compressed fruity cardboard rings are one of our best sellers for birds and the bagel buster provides... Learn More
  78. Tower Of Bagels - Birdy Bagel Toy
        The toy starts with a bagel and has hanging laces of leather with towers of bagels threaded on. To add... Learn More
  79. Bagel Man Small Birdy Bird Toy
        The Bagel Man is one long body of chomping bagels! With different shapes and sizes of beads for arms... Learn More
  80. Tubetastic - Plastic Straw Bird Toy
        A fun and unusual toy for African Greys, Jardines, Senegals, Parakeets etc. Lots and lots of coloured... Learn More
  81. Rattle N Rope Small Bird Toy
        For birds to love to make a noise the rattle n rope is preenable rope at the bottom with a ball and... Learn More
  82. Sandy Seesaw Bird Swing
        The sandy swing seesaw for smaller and Medium birds such as Senegals, Caiques, African Greys, smaller... Learn More
  83. Domino & Keys Small Bird Toy
        A fun toy for smaller birds with bird safe keys and dominoes, attaches to the cage with plastic link... Learn More
  84. Sliders Plastic Bird Toy Medium
        Pull me tug me the sliders toy has a barrel tope encasing the chains which hold a cariety of toys on... Learn More
  85. Hanging Puzzle Nut Job Bird Toy
        Turning and twisting, opening and unfastening, all part of a days work if you`re a parrot. The nut job... Learn More
  86. Play N Chew Large Bird Toy
        Your bird will never tire of this hanging whiffle ball with chewable pieces on a chain with extra... Learn More
  87. Play N Chew Small Bird Toy
        With a hanging whiffle ball packed with chewable pieces and a wicker ball on chain your bird will enjoy... Learn More
  88. Scoops Medium Bird Toy
        Scoops for medium sized birds such as African Greys and smaller birds such as Senegals. They will love... Learn More
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    Plastic Space Ball Large Bird Toy
        A fun central ball with outer space rings and cogs for your birds to climb on and chew.  Suits... Learn More
  90. Block Play Bird Toy
        The semi circle half bagel rainbow is the core for the hanging cogs, ABC Blocks, Pony beads and other... Learn More
  91. Milky Way Bagel Bird Toy
        Your bird will love the intertwined spinning bagels with the variety of hanging shapes and... Learn More
  92. Superbird Carousell - Small Bird Toy
        Woven paper stick with thin outer sticks, cogs and beads. This toy has an abundance of textures and fun... Learn More
  93. Coloured Straw Bundle
    Coloured Straw Bundle Learn More
  94. Beaded Bridge Small Bird Ladder/Bridge
        A sweet yet large beaded bridge toy for smaller parrots and Parakeets. With acrylic pieces and plastic... Learn More
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    Fun At The Fair Mirror Swing
    Special Price £1.00