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  1. Wood And Leather Ring Bird Toy
        A fun ring toy with wooden beads, wooden blocks and leather pieces. A good cheing toy with different... Learn More
  2. Leather Strips - Large - Parrot Toy Making Part - Pack of 8
        8 Vegetable leather strips, for toy making. 1/4in X 24in (60cm)   Width 6mm Learn More
  3. Leather Strips Small Pack 10- Bird Toy Making Part
        These leather strips are just the right size for rejuvenating worn out toys. Use them to fasten new... Learn More
  4. New
    Loopy Leather Medium Parrot Toy
    Loopy leather bird toy has discs of loofah hanging on leather strips, each one with lots of leather knots your birds... Learn More
  5. New
    Leather Legs Leather Bird Toy
    Chunky leather square with hanging leather legs and wooden pieces. Birds love to chew vegetable tanned bird safe... Learn More
  6. Leather Loop Large Bird Toy
        This toy offers different textures and shapes for your birds enjoyment. A thick piece of leather holds... Learn More
  7. Spinning Leather Small Bird Toy
        This toy is one for the smaller birds. Lots of leather and beads all in a spinning leather stick which... Learn More
  8. Sisal & Leather Plait Leather Bird Toy
        Plaited colourful sisal rope which is a coarse texture for your bird to enjoy preening and chewing with... Learn More
  9. Pack of 10 Leather Squares - Parrot Toy Making Parts 2"
        Pack of 10 bird safe vegetable tanned leather squares 2in X 2in (5/16in hole) hole to be used in toy... Learn More
  10. Pack of 10 Leather Squares - Parrot Toy Making Parts 3"
        Pack of 10 bird safe vegetable tanned leather squares 3in X 3in (3/8in hole) to be used in toy making... Learn More
  11. New
    Leather Stars Medium Bird Toy
        This toy does not contain any chain. Instead the tightly knotted leather strips hold colourful wooden... Learn More
  12. Leather Stick Forager Bird Toy
        Woven leather with wood and acrylic pieces to add extra fun. Suff with fibre or treats or let your bird... Learn More
  13. Wicker Ball Wonder With Leather Bird Toy
        Birds love to shred, the natural wicker balls on leather have a fun dice at the top to add texture. A... Learn More

Parrot toys are important in all aspects of bird keeping, whether for breeding birds or pet birds.

Our leather bird toys are all bird safe and made using vegetable tannins. Leather knots are found fascinating by birds as they use their tongue as a muscle to unfold the leather and chew it.

Leather is a safe product to use in bird toys as birds can chew through it should they become tangled, unlike chains.

Leather laces and leather strips treat toy making parts where you can use them to create your own bird toys.

If you have a bird which enjoys hoop toys then our leather hoops consist of wood and leather pieces which birds love to chew. 

A very popular bird toy here at Scarletts is our leather plait, the leather strips are woven together to create a plaited bird toy which your bird will just love to chew. These are popular African Grey toys.

Some of our toys have wooden pieces knotted onto leather strips instead of being threaded onto chains, many customers consider these safer bird toys to hang in the cage.

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Leather squares can be bought in packs and replenish old and tired bird toys saving you money rather than purchasing all new ones. Some birds love leather squares to chew as foot toys, especially Cockatoos and Amazons.

You can shop by bird on our leather toy range to find parrot toys suited to your particular bird species, though nobody knows your bird as well as you do and you can decide which toys your bird would like best. Some small birds love giant bird toys. They may be small in body but they are big in mind! The terriers of the bird species.

Some leather is treated and is unsafe for birds, all our leather uses vegetable tannins which are safe for all bird species, you will notice they smell differently to toys which are treated as we use them in their raw natural state.

We have an increasing range of parrot toys on our website available and in stock throughout the year, sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out about our new products.