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  1. Love Nest Small Bird Hideaway
        All birds need some privacy and the love nest is a warm, secure place for your bird to snuggle in... Learn More
  2. Flamenco Medium Preening Toy
        Flamenco toy, all the brightly coloured straws and rope materials tightly bunched onto this skewer for... Learn More
  3. Paper Twist Footie - Parrot Foot Toy
        Twister paper pieces in a brightly coloured plastic cog centre. Size approx 8" x 1.5" (20 x 4cm) Learn More
  4. Buri Wrap Buri Leaf Large Parrot Toy
        Shredding material is stuffed inside this shreddable Buri leaf woven outer, a fun toy for birds to... Learn More
  5. Bamboo Wrap Parrot Foot Toy
        Hand crafted with natural materials such as Abaca and Bamboo. This natural parrot foot toy is suitable... Learn More
  6. Jute Bag Pink Greenwing Macaw
        The Large PVC Picture Window Holds a Photo Print Inside of the Image ShownJute is Made from Natural... Learn More
  7. Keyring Blue & Gold Macaw
        …A Top Quality Clear Acrylic KeyringSize: Image Insert Size:35 x 50mm, Body Size 60 x 42mmOur... Learn More
  8. Preen And Scritch Basket - Textured Bird Toy
        Preen and Scritch basket is a fun textured toy for your bird to chew, shred and preen at. With hanging... Learn More
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    Crazy 8`s Medium Bird Foraging Toy
    Special Price £6.00 Regular Price £10.00
        A fun foraging toy for African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Macaws and similar sized birds. Place treat... Learn More
  10. Bamboo Coconut Swinger Bird Toy
        The bamboo central piece has shredded material whre you can hide extra treats and foraging pieces. The... Learn More
  11. Galaxy Bird Swing With Loofah
        Natural wooden perch which is perfect for the feet of smaller birds, with a ring of chewable natural... Learn More
  12. Zoo Max Touffy - With Crinkle Paper
        Corrigated plastic with crinkle paper hidden inside. Birds have fun to pull the paper out. Suits... Learn More
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    Small Bird Rope Cargo Climbing Net
    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £25.00
        The small cargo net is made from natural rope which is less likely to fray and tangle when... Learn More
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    Medium Bird Rope Cargo Climbing Net
    Special Price £30.00 Regular Price £34.99
        The Medium cargo net is made from natural rope which is less likely to fray and tangle when... Learn More
  15. Daisy Field House - Small Bird Snuggle Hut
        Daisy field design house for parrots and parakeets. Small birds such as Senegals, Conures, Meyers,... Learn More
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    Shapes and Bells
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
    Shapes & Bells Learn More
  17. Coloured Cubes Game Medium Bird Puzzle Toy
          Hide treats in just one or 2 of the boxes and teach your bird colours by teling him which box... Learn More
  18. Block Play Bird Toy
        The semi circle half bagel rainbow is the core for the hanging cogs, ABC Blocks, Pony beads and other... Learn More
  19. Pollys Guiding Light Small Perch
    Helps birds settle to roost providing a gradual transition to darkness. They light for approx 30 minutes once it is... Learn More
  20. Pollys Guiding Light Large Perch
    Helps birds settle to roost providing a gradual transition to darkness. They light for approx 30 minutes once it is... Learn More
  21. Sounds Of The Sea
    A natural toy made from bamboo, coconut shell, sea shells, sisal rope and coloured paper strips to capture your birds... Learn More
  22. Take Off Natural Bird Toy
        Spaceship style shuttle parrot toy made from natural materials to chew and shred. With coconut shell... Learn More
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    Barrel Swing - Foraging Bird Swing
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £7.00
        A fun swing for Cockatiels, Caiques, Conures and other small/medium birds. With wooden chewing pieces... Learn More
  24. Pacman Large Shredding Bird Toy
        A birds natural instinct is to shred and chew. This natural fibre outer makes great chewing material... Learn More
  25. Boo Boo Seagrass & Wood Bird Toy
        Small toy made of seagrass product, wicker, wood parts Groovy Blocks, and sisal... Learn More
  26. Zoo Max Lolita Palm Leaf Toy
        Bird toy made of palm leaf, wicker, wood parts and cotton rope.  Size approx... Learn More
  27. Bagel Man Small Birdy Bird Toy
        The Bagel Man is one long body of chomping bagels! With different shapes and sizes of beads for arms... Learn More
  28. Space Station Large Finger Trap Bird Toy
        A central compressed cardboard bagel, with outer half bagels. A shredded paper filled vine ball, wooden... Learn More
  29. Hunky Dory Large Bird Toy
          With one mega birdy bagel made from compressed card and lots of chunks of wood, slats of wood,... Learn More
  30. The Slipper Small Bird Toy
    An unusual texture for your bird to chew through with hanging plastic pieces for smaller birds such as Caiques,... Learn More
  31. Beaky Blocks - Wood Bird Toy
        A fun toy for smaller birds with wooden blocks and pony beads all strung onto a central piece of cotton... Learn More
  32. Stacks Of Slats - Small Bird Toy
        Birds love the flat wooden slats to chomp through, all threaded onto a central cotton rope with beads... Learn More
  33. Bird Roller Skates - Parrot Trick Toy
        A fun trick training item to be used with supervision. Train your bird kindly using lots of praise and... Learn More
  34. Hol ee Head Forager - Small Bird
        Hol ee head forager is the hol ee foraging ball on the top which yu can fill with treats, paper, used... Learn More
  35. Hol ee Dangler Bird Forager
        Hol ee foraging toy which can be filled with treats, paper, parts from toys which have been chewed off... Learn More
  36. Hol ee Preener - Small Bird Foraging Toy
        The Hol ee ball on the top is great to hide food treats, paper and pieces from toys for your bird to... Learn More
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    Little Log Bridge
    Special Price £2.50 Regular Price £4.00
        Natural wooden steps on natural sisal rope. Climbing toy for Budgies & Finches Size 40cm Learn More
  38. Lily Pad Java Wood Toy
        Watch your bird unfasten the knots and chew through the strong java wood pieces Size 32cm Learn More
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    Calcium Chime Bird Toy Special Offer Pack
    Special Price £7.00 Regular Price £10.00
        Special offer bird toy pack. 3 bird chimes with edible calcium stars and coloured rope. Sizes suit... Learn More
  40. Sunflower Pot Wooden Bird Toy
        The fun and bright bird safe wooden flowerpot has knotted leather buttons along with hanging wooden... Learn More
  41. Natural Foraging Tube Bird Toy
          The natural foraging tube is great fun for African Greys, Galahs and even smaller birds such as... Learn More
  42. Zoo Max Shooshoo Shred Bird Toy
        A cardboard shredding cube made from 100% bird safe materials, with wooden slats. Great fun for birds... Learn More
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    Zoo Max Copernic Foraging Bird Toy
    Special Price £7.00 Regular Price £8.00
          Twice as much fun with the Zoo Max Copernic. Made of slices of cardboard and slices of... Learn More
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    Zoo Max Bad Boy Medium Bird Toy
    Special Price £8.10 Regular Price £9.50
          Birds love to shred, lots of pieces to pick and pull at with the bird safe Zoo Max Bad... Learn More
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    Curly Cotton Wood & Rope Medium Bird Toy
    Special Price £7.00 Regular Price £8.00
          For birds who love to preen and chew the curly cotton toy has chunky wood hidden in amongst the... Learn More
  46. Japanese Fan Small Wooden Bird Toy
        The wooden slats and beads are at such an angle that your bird will be intrigued to reach them to chew.... Learn More
  47. Bone Shoe Fun Small Bird Toy
        Bird safe rawhide (this is not the type found on dog toys and has no chemical agents) made into a fun... Learn More
  48. Coloured Arch Bird Swing Small - Nail Trimming
        The twisted perch will gently trim your birds nails while he perches, with a rope knot for playing and... Learn More
  49. Shiny Spoons Medium Bird Toy
          Birds always want what they can`t have. Now they have their own feeding set. These bird safe... Learn More
  50. Spin Cycle Plastic Bird Toy
          Enrich your bird's life with this interactive spinning toy. The Spin Cycle bird toy mounts... Learn More
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    Forbid N Fruit Bird Toy
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £5.00
          Fun wooden fruit shaped pieces to chew with tough acrylic pieces inbetween with hanging bell.... Learn More
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    Swing N Bells Natural Wood & Rope Bird Swing
    Special Price £2.20 Regular Price £3.00
    Natural swing with simple natural wooden perch and white rope. Suitable for Senegals, Cockatiels, Quakers,... Learn More
  53. Silly Spoon Large Wooden Bird Toy
        Silly spoon is a giant bird safe wooden spoon with lots of hanging wooden slats and slices, coloured chain and... Learn More
  54. Carnival Tower Large Wooden Bird Toy
        Carnival tower has so many different textures and pieces for your bird to discover, from plastic cogs to... Learn More
  55. Natural Willow Branches Pack 10
    Natural willow branches, assorted shapes, great chewable foot toy or to be used in toy making. Each stick approx 15cm... Learn More
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    F10 Hand Foam 50ml
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £5.40
    F10® Hand Foam is a ready to use, waterless, alcohol-free* hand sanitiser effective against bacterial, fungal and... Learn More
  57. Groovy Blast Large Wood & Cardboard Toy
    Giant bird toy with huge chunky wooden pieces, cardboard ridges, paper rope and wood slats. Size 45 x 8cm Learn More
  58. Gypsy Queen Medium Bird Toy
    A foraging cup leads down to a wooden rung, with loofah chunks and a tightly woven rope ball. Fun materials for medium... Learn More
  59. Pear Pieces Wood Bird Toy
    Your bird will love to destroy this fun bright wooden pear with tantalising wooden beads and slats hanging down to add... Learn More
  60. Sweetie Swing Small Bird Swing
    Natural wooden double perch swing with fun colourful plastic sweeties and hanging bells. Perfect for Budgies, Conures,... Learn More
  61. Reels N Stars Natural Bird Toy
    All natural bird toy with vine hoops, natural wood cogs, stars and shapes, irresistable for medium parrots Size 35 x... Learn More
  62. Birdie Beach Hut Medium Bird Toy
    Tightly woven cone top to chew through and exercise the beak with wicker slices and pony beads. A chewable toy for... Learn More
  63. Magic Box Foraging Training Toy Large
    Acrylic foraging box. Hide treats inside and your bird must remove the pegs on top to retrieve the treat, then... Learn More
  64. Groovy Helice With Wood And Cardboard Giant Tiy
    All your birds favourites in one giant toy. With the ever popular wooden groovy blocks, cardboard slices, wooden slats,... Learn More
  65. Firedancer Small Bird Toy
    Natural manila rope with loofah pieces, wooden logs, java wood pieces and vine. To suit Caiques, Conures etc Approx... Learn More
  66. Java Twister Medium
    Central java wood piece with threaded hangers of java wood, shredding string, vine parcels and coconut. Great fun to... Learn More
  67. Dingle Dangler Medium Wood Bird Toy
    A fun toy for medium birds with colourful chunky wooden pieces to chew, hanging on 2 chains Size 16cm wide x 14cm deep Learn More
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    Fuschia Yellow Donut Chewer
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
    A fun colourful shredding toy, pets love the feel of the zigzag woven material Learn More
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