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    Cotton Boing 40cm Bird Toy
        Spiral ropes can be hung in aviaries or cages and are a communal play area for muliple birds. Why not... Learn More
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    Paradise Preener Small Rope Bird Toy
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.00
        A coarse textured plaited preening rope, great for birds who over preen or pluck and suitable for all... Learn More
  3. Large Bird Rope Sphere Bird Toy
        Large rope sphere toy suitable for African Greys, Amazons and similar sized birds. A fun toy for birds... Learn More
  4. Large Bird Rope Triangle Swing
        Large rope climbing triangle toy. Solid in shape with a good thickness of rope for climbing on. Great... Learn More
  5. Horizontal Ring Rope Parrot Toy
        Large horizontal solid rope ring with chains, great for birds to climb and swing from. Perfect for... Learn More
  6. Medium Parrot Coloured Double Rope Hoops 30cm
        Tightly bound coloured rope hoops with a strong centre making sure they hold their shape. Great for... Learn More
  7. Large Parrot Coloured Double Hoops 40cm
        Coloured double rope hoops large 40cm for Macaws, large Cockatoos, African Greys, Amazons etc. Tightly... Learn More
  8. Large Parrot Single White Hoop Toy
        Large single white hoop toy, holds its shape well and the natural white rope is great for birds to... Learn More
  9. Large Parrot Single Coloured Rope Hoop Toy
        Large single coloured hoop for Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos and Greys to climb and swing. Tightly bound... Learn More
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    Small Bird Rope Cargo Climbing Net
    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £25.00
        The small cargo net is made from natural rope which is less likely to fray and tangle when... Learn More
  11. Medium Bird Rope Cargo Climbing Net
        The Medium cargo net is made from natural rope which is less likely to fray and tangle when... Learn More
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    Party Time - Coconut & Rope Bird Toy
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £3.50
        Party time bird toy with soft rope for preening, straws, wood and different pieces for... Learn More
  13. Pieces O Pine Medium Bird Toy
    Central chain with knotted leather strips threaded with pine pieces, whiffle balls, coloured pine and plastic... Learn More
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    Beaky Blocks Large Bird Toy
    Large toy approx 47cm x 16cm with cascading wooden blocks and wooden slats suitable for Amazons, Cockatoos, African... Learn More
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    Strawberry Fields Bird Toy With Whiffles
    Large bird toy with a large wooden strawberry top, hanging chains with whiffle balls and coloured wooden pieces. Size... Learn More
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    Getting Groovy Large Bird Toy With Groovy Blocks
    Large bird toy with twisted paper rope, coloured wooden slats and the ever popular chunky groovy blocks. Size 50cm x... Learn More
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    Forest Swinger Natural Bird Toy
    Natural wooden rounds with chewable bark, wood sticks and pine cones. A great natural bird toy for keeping the beak... Learn More
  18. Groovy Blast Large Wood & Cardboard Toy
    Giant bird toy with huge chunky wooden pieces, cardboard ridges, paper rope and wood slats. Size 45 x 8cm Learn More
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    Kabob Man Soft Wood Bird Toy
    Sponge like soft wood with natural colourings that birds just love IN A FUN EASY TO REACH LITTLE MAN SHAPE. 22 x 10cm Learn More
  20. Chiquito Chew Kabob
    Sponge like soft wood with natural colourings that birds just love In the ever popular chiquito form 25 x 11cm Learn More
  21. Groovy Card Large Bird Toy
    Large bird toy with coconut top, wood slices/slats, cardboard pieces, natural wood beads and groovy blocks. Size 35 x... Learn More
  22. Astro Lobe Medium Rope Climber
    This tightly wound rope toy is fun for small birds to climb through and medium birds to swing on. Great for in the... Learn More
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    Rope Arch Swing Medium
    Sturdy rope swing holds its shape well and tightly bound. Learn More
  24. Rope Arch Swing Small
    Sturdy rope swing holds its shape well and tightly bound. Learn More
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    Leather Crab Dangle Bird Toy
    Birds will love to chew their way through this wooden crab on hanging leather strip with wooden bead balls, whiffle... Learn More
  26. Pear Pieces Wood Bird Toy
    Your bird will love to destroy this fun bright wooden pear with tantalising wooden beads and slats hanging down to add... Learn More
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    Butterfly Blocks Bird Toy With Lollipop Sticks
    Beautiful bright wooden butterfly with lollipop stick wings, hanging cotton rope with chewable wooden pieces. Perfect... Learn More
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    Little Bird House
    Little wooden play birdhouse with pony beads, wooden disc and bell. Great for small birds such as budgies Learn More
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    Elfs Ladder Wood Bird Toy
    Little elfs wooden ladder with coloured slats. A fun chewing toy for Senegals, African Greys, Caiques etc Size 38 x 7cm Learn More
  30. Little Gem Bird Toy With Beads
    Small birds will love the different shapes and materials on this toy. If they are not chewing the wooden stars or... Learn More
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    Natural Pine Bars
    Some birds just love natural wood, the softer pine in slats and chunks adds layers of fun shapes to chew for smaller... Learn More
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    Leather Logs Medium Bird Toy
    Wicker ball with hanging leather laces threaded with chunky colourful wooden pieces to chew. Suitable for African... Learn More
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    Double Sisal Hoop Climbing Toy
    Double sisal rings, safer than cotton and fun for birds to climb, swing and sit in. 30cm total length x 16cm. Each... Learn More
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    Reels N Stars Natural Bird Toy
    Special Price £7.00 Regular Price £8.00
    All natural bird toy with vine hoops, natural wood cogs, stars and shapes, irresistable for medium parrots Size 35 x... Learn More
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    Beanstalk Rope Bird Toy
    Climb the cotton rope with knots for extra grip. Great on parrot stands 28cm long x 2.5cm diameter (knots approx... Learn More
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    Giant Beanstalk Climbing Rope
    Large rope for climbing and swinging, knotted for extra grip. Suits African Greys, Caiques, Parakeets etc Size 65cm x... Learn More
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    Bouncing Birds Wood & Leather Toy
    Bouncing birds is fun for Conures, Caiques, Jardines etc Wooden birds dangle on leather strips for your birds to... Learn More
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    Cotton Crazy Bird Toy
    Hanging cotton legs with chewable cholla wood pieces, wooden pieces and discs Size 30 x 5cm Learn More
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    Tease Me Tassles Large Bird Toy
    Large wood bird toy with natural pine and coloured blocks of wood. Various shapes to encourage your bird to chew and... Learn More
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    Colourful Disc Bridge Medium
    These bright colourful fun wooden discs are tightly added to the bridge making it that bit more of a challenge to chomp... Learn More
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    Block Bridge Ladder Medium Bird Toy
    Double ladder with colourful blocks of wood, can be a vertical ladder or a horizontal bridge. Threaded wood on... Learn More
  42. Firedancer Small Bird Toy
    Natural manila rope with loofah pieces, wooden logs, java wood pieces and vine. To suit Caiques, Conures etc Approx... Learn More
  43. Firedancer Medium Bird Toy
    Natural manila rope with loofah pieces, wooden logs, java wood pieces and vine. To suit Caiques, African Greys,... Learn More
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    Java Twister Small
    Central java wood piece with threaded hangers of java wood, shredding string, vine parcels and coconut. Great fun to... Learn More
  45. Java Twister Medium
    Central java wood piece with threaded hangers of java wood, shredding string, vine parcels and coconut. Great fun to... Learn More
  46. Dingle Dangler Medium Wood Bird Toy
    A fun toy for medium birds with colourful chunky wooden pieces to chew, hanging on 2 chains Size 16cm wide x 14cm deep Learn More
  47. Chewers Toy Pack
    If your bird loves chomping through toys then this is the pack for you. Wood wood and more wood with the MASSIVE crazy... Learn More
  48. Loofah Wickers
    All natural chewable toy with leather laces, wicker balls and natural loofah wheels. Size approx 36 x 18cmcm Learn More
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    Alphabet Dumbell Wood
    Wooden Dumbell for chewing. Approx 15cm a fun wooden toy with ABC Wood Blocks Learn More
  50. Natural Wood Climber Ladder/Bridge
    Natural wood ladder which can also be hung as a bridge. Great for chewing. 54 x 20cm with 2cm diameter rungs     Learn More
  51. Pine & Leather Bridge
    Completely natural wood ladder bridge with chewable pine and natural leather pieces Size 61 x 19cm with rungs 3cm... Learn More
  52. Wicker Tumble Toy
    A fun tumble of coconuts which are a natural item and great to chew on with wicker balls. 24 x 8cm Learn More
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    Bamboo Dancer Natural Toy
    Natural toy with bamboo tubes, half rings, wood beads, rope and giant wicker ball. All natural materials Size 48cm inc... Learn More
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    Mineral Slats Toy
    A great healthy toy for wearing down beaks. Lots of wooden slats with 2 large mineral stones. Chewing fun! 16 x 10cm... Learn More
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    Bamboo Tubes Natural Toy
    With natural pine wood, coconut pieces and bamboo tubes this natural toy is a great chewable toy. Approx 20cm Learn More
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    Rope Climber With Log Step
    Knotted climbing rope with natural wood steps/grippers and wooden central chew. 44 x 10cm with 1.5cm diameter rope Learn More
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    Crazy Wood Chunks
    Crazy wood chunks is exactly that, brightly coloured wooden chunk to chew stacked in crazy shapes on chain making this... Learn More
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    Wooden Hoopla
    Special Price £3.42 Regular Price £4.00
    A wood toy with 2 perching areas and Plastic hoops to chew and play with. For small birds 19cm x 12cm or 11cm x 12cm... Learn More
  59. Natural Bagel Chew Toy
    Natural cardboard chewable bagel with wicker ball along a chain of chunky wooden blocks. A substantial chewing toy 33... Learn More
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    Leather Balancer
    One main colourful wooden block with tips on the hanging chain as the wooden pieces and slats are chewed through on... Learn More
  61. Hanging Puzzler Animal Toy
    Hanging wooden puzzler toy, fun to chew and great for pushing treats between the gaps 27cm x 13cm inc chain. Toy 13 x... Learn More
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    Java Wood Kabob
    Sustainably sourced and extremely strong the java wood kabob is a great toy for the big chewers! Size 16 x 8cm Learn More
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    Spinning Slats Toy
    Colourful woodem slats which turn as your pet chews them. A great value toy at 26 x 10cm Learn More
  64. Groovy Carousel Wood Toy
    A fun wooden carousel with a giant circle top piece. Hanging legs with pine discs, wooden slats and groovy blocks to... Learn More
  65. Groovy Discs Wooden Toy
    A large long hanging wooden toy with groovy blocks which encourage chewing, giant wooden discs and small plastic... Learn More
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    Groovy Jiggler Wood & Rope Toy
    Special Price £3.00 Regular Price £4.00
    A compact wood and rope toy for chewing with chunky wooden groovy blocks and thinner grooved slats. Size 13 x 9cm   Learn More
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    Groovy Bridge
    Chunky wooden bridge toy with special groovy block wooden pieces, wooden beads and wooden circle quatres. Great for... Learn More
  68. Groovy Fingertrap Pyramid
    2 wooden sitting areas with fingertrap woven paper stick coverings, all joined with wooden groovy blocks and wood... Learn More
  69. New
    Java Hanging Puzzle Toy Medium
    A tough java wood central wooden piece with crinkles of chewable material, natural coconut fibre, java discs and... Learn More