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Other Perches

A variety of perches for showering your bird on, attaching to the window, climbing perches, perches to use in training if you have a bird which bites or fears hands. Whatever the perch you need for your bird Scarletts Parrot essentials has the widest selection at unbeatable prices with next working day delivery

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  1. New
    Happy Perch - Medium Window Perch
    Colourful beads encased in this tough moulded perch, fixes to a smooth surface with the suckers. A great way to let... Learn More
  2. New
    Landing Perch Small Parrot
          This perch can be attached to the cage horizontally as a landing bar or vertically to the top... Learn More
  3. New
    Move Me Perch - Biting Birds Perch
        A great way to move birds from the cage, to play stands or to spend some time with you. If your bird is... Learn More
  4. New
    T Perch Table Trainer - Bird Stand
          Small and lightweight you can easily carry the stand to different rooms, perfect for putting so... Learn More
  5. New
    Less Mess Small - Perch & Bowl
    This easy to clean perch comes with a removeable crock lock bowl on the end. Having the bowl on the end of the perch... Learn More
  6. Straight Acrylic Bird Perch
        A straight acrylic perch. A different texture for your birds feet which is easy to wipe clean. Clear... Learn More
  7. Acrylic Coloured Wiggle Bird Perch
        A colourful acrylic perch which is easy to wipe clean and long lasting. A great fun ribbed texture for your... Learn More
  8. Pollys Guiding Light Small Perch
    Helps birds settle to roost providing a gradual transition to darkness. They light for approx 30 minutes once it is... Learn More

8 Items

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