Sunflower seeds are high in fat content and should be fed as occasional treats. Great to use as treat rewards. Sunflower seeds are sought after by most bird types so make a great training reward. It should be noted that most bird species d need a certain amount of fat in their diet so our high quality sunflower seeds make great foraginbg treats too.


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High quality sunflower seeds
High in fat so feed in moderation
Manufacturer Avian Specific Bird Food
Animal/Species African Grey, Amazon, Budgie & Lovebird, Caique, Cockatiel, Conure, Eclectus, Galah & Smaller Cockatoo, Indian Ringneck, Jardine, Kakariki, Large Macaw & Cockatoo, Minature Macaw, Parakeet, Pionus, Quaker & Parrotlet, Senegal & Meyers
Product Type Feed Mix/Seed
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