Parrots are lovable birds with cheeky personalities, long-lived, intelligent, and highly social personalities.

These colourful birds are far more than just a pretty face.

They can be incredible if demanding friends, but for people more used to fluffy mammalian friends, they can present some surprising challenges.

There are loads of fun facts about parrots and we are here to tell you some of the most fascinating ones.


  1. They are great imitators of sound

The four birds, African grey parrots, parakeets, Amazon parrots, and macaws are the best parrots at mimicking sounds.

In the wild, parrots imitate the calls of members of their flock to communicate important things like the need for food or the presence of danger. They know this means of communication by learning and learn by imitation. They also use imitation to serve as a defence strategy against predators. Hence, them imitating sounds and voices in your home is because they think these sounds are made by their flock and, therefore, they have to learn them.


  1. They can eat with their feets

Parrots are the only birds in the world that can comfortably eat with their feet because they have zygodactyl feet. A zygodactyl foot has four toes on each foot, two facing forward and two facing backward. The parrot's feet are not only very strong, but they are like human hands. With it, they can pick up objects and even pick up food and bring it to their mouths.


  1. They mate for life

To find a spouse, a male parrot would put on what is called a courtship display. He does this by parading itself, dancing, or making various expressions and sounds to attract the female. Once a female chooses him, the two stay together for life, even outside the breeding season. They also help each other find food, watch out for each other, sleep together, and groom each other to strengthen their bond. A parrot couple is an ideal lovebird.


  1. The world largest bird that cannot fly belongs to the parrot clan

The kakapo is the world’s largest parrot and the only parrot that cannot fly. Kakapo is also the only parrot that is active at night, an adaptive trait that helps it escape the notice of predators.

The female kakapo has a long tail, a longer beak, and is usually smaller than the male.

Although a kakapo cannot fly, it can jump and is good at climbing trees to eat fruits.


  1. Parrots are Omnivores

Parrots eat both meat and vegetables. They also love seeds, flowers, nuts, and fruits.

Their strong beaks making cracking open nuts easy peasy!

Even though they’re omnivores it is not compulsory to feed your pet parrot meat, as they’re more than happy with yummy fruit and veg.

Some of the fruit and veg you can give your parrot are mango, pumpkin, asparagus, papaya, and bananas


Bonus facts:

  1. Parrot's lay 2-8 eggs at a time
  2. A group of parrots is called pandemonium
  3. The movie treasure island is why people associate parrots with pirates
  4. A baby parrot is called a chick
  5. Parrots are highly intelligent birds
  6. Parrots can live for up to sixty years


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  1. Parrot Hideaways

As the name implies, parrot hideaways which comprise of tents or huts, offer birds somewhere to retreat to within their cage for privacy, so they feel safe and secure once again.

  1. Parrot Swings

Because parrots enjoy the movement and the flow of air in their feathers and wings, parrot swings give them a good source of entertainment and a natural environment to enjoy.

  1. Parrot Ladders and Bridges

You definitely won't want your parrot getting bored and snappy hence, you need to give it at least a climbing activity by providing ladders and bridges for it to play around with.


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