When sharing your lives and space with pet birds and parrots in general, you need to be able to recognize when something frightens them and make sure that you take measures to make them feel safe. During Halloween, there are a lot of activities taking place most of the time and being prey animals, pet birds can be frightened by even the most seemingly inoffensive items (rice cakes, socks, and hats).

Here are some things that bird owners say scare their birds the most during Halloween.


Wild birds and animals

Using Wild birds and animals as Halloween props may scare your parrot. Your bird may have screaming fits at the sight of a bird of prey’s shadow flying overhead or if they catch even a glimpse of a crow passing by a window. A crow’s caw can also send a pet bird fluttering off its perch in fright.


Noisy Environment 

During Halloween a lot of noisy activities take place. Let's leave out your everyday construction noise going on across the street, slammed doors, screaming devices, loud children, and blaring emergency vehicle sirens. A Lot of noise can often catch our parrots off guard. A noisy Halloween can make your bird come screaming to the front of their cages when they hear sirens and even fly around in confused circles.


Your other pets

Your pet dog might just be looking for scraps of food flung from or around your parrot's cage, and sniffing around can be frightening to your pet bird. A handful of bird owners have said that their birds are afraid of their other household pets. Even when none of them pays any attention to them, they tend to panic anytime the household pets walk by.

A bird owner confirmed that in situations like this, her pet parrot would for several minutes fling himself to the other side of his cage toward his comfort toy.


Some Weird Toys

Toys are meant to bring toys to your parrots but sometimes your pet birds are frightened by these very things meant to bring them joy. Your pet bird’s cage is its sanctuary, and the sudden appearance of something new or weird would often be met with a scrutinizing eye. During Halloween, you may be given some weird-looking toys for your parrot and your parrot may either attack the new bird toy first to see if it’ll hurt him and when convinced that the bird toy is harmless, he will eventually play with it or it may begin screaming, making irritating noises.

To avoid this, suggest visiting friends looking to buy toys for your parrot Scarlett Essentials section on the Scarlet website to shop for toys



Strange Or New Visiting People

Sometimes, random people passing by the window or visitors to the home elicit varying responses from your parrot. Your pet bird can get frightened when people that it is not familiar with get too close to it.

Most times, it is better you keep your pet bird away from the view of a new face in order not to agitate it. For new visiting people, ensure they don't move too close to your bird's cage to either poke or pet it.



Using a dark-covered covering that darkens your home may not be conducive as some parrots are afraid of the dark and may start flapping around the cage if they are left in the dark without a night light. To avoid this, ensure your party has a night light in your bird rooms and cover each cage just enough so they can peek out and see the light when you put them in their cages to sleep. Better still, you could use natural colours like light yellows and other neutral colours for your cage covers.