When you are choosing a perfect home for a variety of birds, then definitely you should consider an aviary. An aviary can be placed indoor or outdoor and provides a spacious home to regard your feathered friends by providing them with lots of space to fly and interact with other birds also in a more accepted environment.

Things to note before selecting Birds for aviary

Most of species that are generally kept as single pets can be safely kept together in couples or in larger numbers depending on the size of the aviary. It is astute to keep even numbers of males and females to avoid fighting or keep single sex male or female birds together, especially if you don’t want them to breed. Many bigger birds like parrots should be kept alone or in couples without any other classes in designated space to prevent fighting. It is also essential that you should not over stock aviary to ensure all the birds live in peace.

There is a trend or environment in city zoo to deliver more naturalistic attachments for animals or birds in which they can show natural behaviors, for most birds, an aviary offers the superlative opportunity to achieve this. There are different reasons for holding birds or species in aviaries, including education, visitor experience, breeding, behavior, veterinary issues, avoidance of aggressive species of birds and hybridization, welfare, and may reductions in costs.

bird cages

Indoor aviary

Many large bird cages can be suitable for variety of birds. If you cannot find a cage or house for birds to suit your needs or you cannot fit in with your room design or size, then you can also build or design your own. Many branded cages use net or metal bars at a suitable spacing to avoid your birds from escaping.

Outdoor aviary

If you have a big garden and you want to convert a hut or garden shed, then an outdoor aviary could be a perfect option. You can buy a purpose-built outdoor aviary in several lavish designs to match your taste and add a value to your garden.

Your aviary will face weather conditions, so you need to treat the wooden with suitable water-based antifungal to protect the wood as well as ensure your birds safety from digesting any of the wood. If you design your own outdoor aviary, then you need to consider how to avoid rodents. A wire should be installed and can be fixed down and outwards in a channel to avoid burrowing species from gaining access. You can install the wire on both sides (indoor/outdoor) to keep cat claws and birds away. Cats and birds can be prohibited to your birds by covering the roof with ridged plastic or wooden roof sheets. This roof can also help to stop droppings from wild birds polluting your aviary and scattering diseases.

It is significant to make sure bird’s aviary is well ventilated so that the birds have access to fresh air and environment. Although birds do not need access to direct sunlight, but it is good for their health to be open to natural light.