Is your bird fussy over what he will eat? You probably waste a lot of food by having to buy lots of different vegetables just to get a variety. Well now there`s no need. Exclusively to Scarletts and developed by oursleves and the staff we have our Premium Harvest vegetable Mix. A great big bowl of goodness which requires no cooking at all. A quick meal for people on the go, ready in 5 minutes just add hot water. Customer feedback has been amazing from fussy Parakeets to scaredy cat Greys they are loving it, and not forgetting our own Macaws who were tucking in straight away. You can also hide any vitamin powders in this mix and should your bird require medication this is a stress free way to get it administered. Available to buy now and if you don`t believe us check out our Facebook page to see customer comments, pictures and videos. You can feed it dry though it's better soaked, and you can add a variety of extras such as egg, pasta etc. Serve warm or cold, the question do you eat yours! 20170215_1815460 img_20170215_184517_343