The time is upon us again where the feather pluckers get that bit balder, the out of the blue bites start to happen, the frustration kicks in and we ask ourselves...why do we do this! It`s all too easy to assume your bird has turned nasty, no longer likes you or is being 'bad' but this is not the case at all. Hormones WILL pass, it is a phase and every bird goes through it at some stage (I think Harley has been going through it for the last 10 years). Our new Beaphar range can help, with a plumage spray, some spot on and wormers for birds who are going outside to enjoy the nice weather, and also our plucking stop it. Not just for birds who feather pluck this does help some birds in calming hormones too. Here`s a quick video demonstrating just some of the things that can help