When the weather is ever changing birds start and stop moults all the time. This leads to dry skin and feathers and an explosion of new itchy pin feathers coming through all at once.

Young birds particularly in their first moults and up to 18 months of age moult very heavily. They can become nippy and agitated so it is important to help the new feathers come through fast and strong.

Products such as our Mango bath spray offer relief to the skin

You can also try our Savic splash bird baths , which are available in 2 sizes and allow your bird to jump into some refreshing water, throw it over their backs and feathers and get wet like they would do in a rain shower. 

Have you ever contemplated taking your bird into the shower with you? Here at Scarletts we stock window and shower perches to let you do just that! The strong suckers attach to glass, flat tiles and your shower cubicle allows more space for your feathered friend to enjoy its shower.

  How to manage itchy pin feathers

During moults; most birds can experience lower the immune system, so some Birdcare Company Guardian Angel will boost the immune system with electrolytes and minerals helping its body through this stressful time


British warm Summers can be very dry; hence it is important to remember birds need humidity. Extra baths are important during the hot weather but equally important in the Winter months when our central heating is drying out the air.

You may find Aloe Vera is very good for helping dry skin on the feet and don’t miss the opportunity to pick some dandelions. A great source of vitamin A and Calcium for Parrots and Parakeets. Wash under the tap and feed the flowers, leaves and roots. A firm favourite of our parrots.

Please be aware that itchy skin can also be a sign of fatty liver disease, due to the liver not functioning as it should and is releasing bile in the blood stream, accumulating under the skin to cause an itchy sensation. Ensure you check if your Avian Vet If itchy sensation doesn’t stop after exhausting tips given above.