Your bird doesn`t need to be confined to the house. Travel cages, especially our new Rainforest Travellor are a safe and secure way for your bird to experience new adventures, soak up the sunshine and be a bigger part of family life. You might want to simply put your bird outside in the travellor for half an hour while you hang ut the washing or mow the lawn. You might be having family round and he might enjoy 4 or 5 hours out there watching the kids play. Sometimes it`s nice to pop him in the car and take him to pick the kids up from school or go visit a friend without the worry or guilt of how long your bird has been left home alone. With the 2 feeder bowls and the seat belt securing gripper this opens up a completely new adventure for you and your bird, the options are endless. Here is our video to show just how easy they are to put together and just how safe they are for taking all small and medium birds out with you