When selecting a parrot perch for your cage please ensure you buy a good variety of perches with a variety of textures and diameters t avoid common conditions such as bumblefoot

and arthritis

In the wild birds land and perch on all manner of branches thick and thin, there is no such thing as the wrong thickness perch for a bird unless the birds roosts in sub-zero temperatures in which case the toes need to tuck into the chest to avoid frostbite.

Will the parrot perch near me?

The bird sees you as his flock so it is important he can perch somewhere near you. A parrot perch with the tray or on wheels is a parrot stand or play gym

These are fun areas for your bird to interact with the family away from the cage meaning he is less likely to become territorial.

A parrot perch for nails, pedicure, or nail trimming perch is often made of pumice or concrete.

These need to be large enough that the bird's nails sit on the perch rather than wrapping around them so they gently trim the nails as he uses the perch. This avoids costly expensive vet visits and keeps your bird from getting long nails caught or scratching you when handling the birds.

If you have a very tame bird that enjoys water you can purchase a parrot perch for the shower. With suckers to attach to the tiles or glass, this is a great way to shower your bird and the water drumming on the shower tray mimics the heavy rainfall from a natural storm.

There are many types of parrot perches available. Edible perches providing calcium and iodine, Parrot perches with bowls, fewer mess perches, which prevent mess on the floor keeping it all in the cage, rope perches, shell perches, and training perches.

How much parrot perches cost varies but can be as little as £3. There are many guides on how to make a parrot perch and which woods are safe to use.