In wildlife, birds do not need to live close to their droppings. They have a continual supply of fresh untouched food as well as access to fresh water. Most of the birds live in rainforest areas that provide them with the chance for day-to-day rain washes and bathing, which allow them to keep their beautiful hair in good condition. Lots of activities they engage in on an everyday basis in the forest also ensure that their mouths and nails do not affect them from any disease.

In captivity, birds depend on people to ensure their environmental needs; as well as environmental cleanliness are met. Hygiene or sanitation, by definition, is the exercise of cleansing that precludes the spread of disease and guarantees the conservancy of health.  

Transmittable diseases can spread very quickly via dirty drinking water and feather dust. If we talk about hygienic practices, there are three main areas: 

environmental purity, food safety, and personal bird cleanliness.

Reliable activities of sound hygienic practices have their importance which keeps our birds healthy. If we talk about parrots, they are brilliant birds, but they do require attention and care. These are some important instructions to help you care for your bird in the most excellent possible approach.

The fundamental mechanisms of good hygiene are:

  • Keep your birdcage, branches and toys clean.
  • Provide healthy and clean drinking water.
  • Clean their trays & bowl’s daily with approved bird cleaning products.
  • Throw away diets, fruits and other food after 5-6 hours to avoid bacterial growth
  • Daily bathing.
  • Take care of the bird's feathers, nails and beak.
  • Pest Control

The most excellent step we can take for parrots is to keep the environment hygienic and healthy. Food and water jars should be cleaned daily to stop harmful bacteria from entering the bird's system. Poor or bad hygiene can cause several health problems for parrots as the germs and dust enter its system. They can face issues like difficulty in breathing, toadstools, and other diseases can affect if hygiene is not as per standards, hence every bird owner needs to keep their bird’s environment as perfect as possible. 

Droppings and waste food should be removed from the cage daily, and unclean branches should be cleaned with water. Please do not use any tough cleaner because it can be unsafe for birds. At Scarletts we stock a range of bird health accessories you  can buy. Ensure you buy special bird sterilizers; which are easy to use on bird surfaces and keep bacteria away.  Try using ground feeding tray or bird bowl, which are better options than offering food directly from the ground; because it is easier to clean and remove leftover food that could attract mice and rats; which can carry diseases to your bird.