In this era of a new strain of Corona Virus called COVID 19. It is safe to say; we are fighting against a novel opponent, which is not a human being but a microscopic size virus. This virus has spread like a pandemic and wholly revised the economy, lifestyle and social norms across the world. Everyone is trying to be safe from this pandemic by staying at home; social distancing and taking necessary precautions we will be discussing in this article.


Fun activities while on lock down?

Due to current circumstances, we are confined in our homes. We have a lot more time to do things which we weren’t able to do before lock-down. Staying at home seems to be the new normal and it allows you time to bond with your pet. It is essential to have a dedicated time to interact with your bird, if possible multiple times in a day. At Scarlett Parrot Essentials we have a vast range of parrot toys to help with the bonding process. We will deliver your order to your door while taking all the precautionary measures to ensure your delivery is safe. 

Feeding your bird can is a good bonding activity, try introducing your bird to variety of bird food and vegetables. If you have an Intelligent bird like a Parrot; you can try teaching your Parrot a new word by rewarding it with a treat; while repeating the chosen word you want it to learn. You can also take your bird on a trip around your house or take it on a ride with you; if you drive.

When pinfeathers appear on your bird; they are encases in keratin; which makes them look like they are rolled up in plastic or wax; gently rub the pinfeather between two finger tips to help release the new feather; kindly remember to not rub too far down the shaft of the feather; it will be uncomfortable for your bird. This helps your bird feel comfortable and can be the bonding activity you need to build trust with your bird.

COVID-19 and Pets

With the current spread of the Corona virus all pet owners are showing their concerns about how to keep their pet free from the virus. Previous viral outbreaks in birds have taught many bird owners how to practice good biosecurity. Firstly, ensure any sick humans in the home should have limited or no contact with your pet bird until they are healthy and certified to be COVID 19 free. This recommendation is not only specific to COVID 19; It’s a good practice to live by to minimise the risk of all infectious diseases. Secondly, wash your hands regularly before and after interacting with your bird and their accessories; such as food, feeding accessories, toys and general cage items. Due to the nature of viruses like the COVID 19; we can easily spread the virus by touching; hence you need to ensure you wash your hands properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. 

Also ensure you monitor your pet bird for illness and seek professional care from an Avian vet if you notice your bird is not feeling well. In most cases the smallest of changes in your bird’s behaviour can indicate that there is something wrong. Thirdly cleaning and disinfecting your bird cages, cages accessories and general surrounding is a compulsory step to take to keep your pet from contracting the virus. It is also a good idea to make sure you are prepared; especially with the nature of this virus and how unpredictable it can be. Stock up on emergency supplies and ensure you have at least two week’s supply of food for all pets. Ensure you have an emergency first-aid kit available that includes items like antiseptic styptic powder, antiseptic cleansing agent, banding materials and copies of health records for your pets.