When it comes to parrots there often isn’t a right or wrong answer and things can vary very much depending on the bird type and its history. Take for instance feather plucking. It is a common disease of captivity and we can often only manage as opposed to cure this habit.

Once we rule out illness (full list of avian vets can be found on our website) we then need to address diet. Is the bird getting enough nutritionally from its diet? Our AS30 no peanut no sunflower seed, along with a high quality pellet diet such as Roudybush as recommended by most avian vets for its sugar free content will give your bird everything he needs.


If dietary factors have been addressed next move on to UV lighting, without the correct levels of UVA and UVB your bird cannot absorb the nutrients put into its body. John Courtney Smith of Arcadia works closely with us at Scarletts Parrot Essentials to bring you the latest technological developments and the Puresun lighting works well with most cages. This also promotes the secretion of vitamin D from the preen gland across the bird’s feathers.


Next we come to our vast range of toys, we have created an entire section of bird toys which customers have told us have helped their birds, mostly shredding toys and often coarse rope toys. Foraging must not be overlooked. In the wild; birds fly hundreds of miles a day to fight for and find their food. While in captivity they need walk no further than the end of their perch! Our best-selling foraging toys are the clear ones where birds can see the rewards they are trying to reach. These stimulate the curious minds of our intelligent feathered friends.

We also have a fantastic relationship with The Birdcare Company where you will find products like Guardian Angel ; which is not just for sick birds but this product boosts the immune system; so if your bird is suffering a heavy moult, egg laying or there have been stressful changes in your lifestyle for example a change of house décor can be stressful for your bird; hence the Guardian Angel can help. One of our own birds suffered nasal discharge and sneezing through allergies, Guardian Angel has reduced this by 75%.

At the end of the day there is no cure for feather plucking in most cases and we must learn to accept and love our birds for who they are. The more we stress and worry over it the worse it will get and telling them ‘no’ only reinforces the behaviour, so it is better ignored. A plucker is not always an unhappy bird (remember that).