There is a lot of debate between feeding pellets and seed. In our experience I have seen birds do well on both, and equally, badly on both. For some birds I have seen liver issues when on a pellet only diet as they are high in protein, and also fatty liver in those fed a seed only diet. So what should we be feeding our birds? Well here at Scarletts we feed as varied a diet as possible. The day starts with a good Avian Specific seed mix, twice cleaned and 7 x filtered, tested for Mytoxins and fresh ingredients this to me seems the best available and the birds love it! We vary between our no peanut no sunflower mix, AS5 and AS20 depending on what birds we are feeding but we like to change things so they are never bored or dependant on the same food. Pellets are included with the seed, our gang always choose ZuPreem over everything else, the purple ones get drowned, the orange ones get stolen by Harley, but on the whole with such a variety of Nut, veggie, Fruit and Natural the birds never get tired of them so eat them along with their seed. Lunchtime is fun time. A cooked meal, Higgins Worldly Cuisines popped in the microwave if we`re short of time, done in 2 minutes! Natures  Harvest soaked and added to some pasta, or Jungle Gourmet are some of the favourites here, it tends to be a wet meal. Fruit and Veg is on offer at all times and is the only thing left in during the evening so they are forced to eat the fresh stuff, in with that soaked pulses are given twice a week. Ours prefer them with shorter sprouts so they are not too bitter and sometimes I boil them up to make them soft if i`m adding them to other things. I truly don`t think there is an answer as to what is the best, some foods suit different birds better than others. The thing to remember is buy fresh, use a good clean seed mix, avoid peanuts in the shell and vary their diet as much as possible. Not only does this stop them getting bored but also avoids any problems should a specific food be out of stock due to supply issues (very rare at Scarletts of course)! Historically people didn`t know the dangers of things, but now we do it is our responsibility to do our very best by our birds. Here`s Harley with a little info