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Christmas Toys
Christmas Toys

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    Dingaling Bird Bell Toy
    Special Price £12.00 Regular Price £14.00
        For birds who like to make a noise! The Dingaling is a serious of hanging bells with coloured plastic... Learn More
  2. Little Star - Bird Foot Toy
        A cute wooden star to chew with added binkie pacifiers and leather For Medium parrots size 12cm Learn More
  3. Rolls And Bells Plastic Bird Toy
    A fun plastic toy for smaller and less destructive medium birds who like to make a noise!! With bells inside these... Learn More
  4. New
    Acrylic Star Rattle - Bird Foot Toy
        A strong foot toy, easy to clean and good for birds to play with outside of the cage. They love to feel... Learn More
  5. Twist N Chime Medium Bird Chime Toy
        Birds love to make a noise and the shiny chimes are so much fun for African Greys, Caiques, Senegals... Learn More
  6. Bells N Balls Small Bird Toy
        So many different textures on this fun horizontal bird toy with porcupine balls, beads, plastic discs... Learn More
  7. Shredded Paper 3 Colours
    mixed coloured tissue paper great for using in foraging toys and shreddable toys. Learn More
  8. New
    Star Dangle Shreddable Bird Toy
    Woven cube with hanging shreddable strands and stars 46 x 9cm Learn More
  9. New
    Christmas jingles with a round festive ring of bells with fun bird safe dice and plastic beads. Due to the bells only... Learn More
  10. New
    Star Streamer Small Bird Toy
    So much to do on this toy with the wooden chewable star and slats, small beads, vine ball and coloured paper pieces.... Learn More
  11. New
    Gold Coins Small Bird Toy
    Rolled shreddable coin circles with pony beads, a fun toy for Cockatiels, budgies and small birds Size 28 x 6cm Learn More
  12. New
    Bauble Bells Bird Toy
    Plastic beads with large wooden bead bottoms, added bells. A fun toy especially in the festive season. Learn More
  13. New
    Loopy Bell Ball
    Plastic jingle ball with chewable beads and vine rings, suitable for small and less destructive medium parrots Size 18... Learn More
  14. Natural Pine Cones
    Whether he holds it like a foot toy to chew, rolls it like a ball or you add it as a toy making piece or foraging piece... Learn More
  15. New
    Pack of 12 Coloured Tissue Paper
    Coloured tissue for birds to shred, great in foraging toys etc Sheet size approx 36x67cm. 12 sheets Learn More
  16. Guiding Star Wood Bird Toy
        The guiding star is  a bright hanging toy with a central wooden star hanging wooden blocks and... Learn More
  17. New
    Planet Parrot Medium Bird Toy
       Central round piece covered with wooden slats, sticks, shredding pieces, wicker ball, rope knots, rope beads and... Learn More
  18. New
    Fuzzy Shred Medium Bird Toy
      Your birds can search through the fuzzy chewable matierial to find the rolls of corrugated cardboard and... Learn More
  19. New
    Tub O Treats Foraging Bird Toy
      Fancy a movie anyone? Let your bird chew and shred the outer treat tub and find all the paper pieces, woven paper... Learn More
  20. Woven Wheel Birdie Bagel & Woven Paper Stick Bird Toy
      With woven paper stick finger traps filled with crinkle fun paper and fruity wooden bagels Approx 30cm Learn More
  21. New
    Sisal Dazzler Wood & Rope Bird Toy
          The coarse colourful sisal rope strands encourage birds to preen and may help prevent feather... Learn More
  22. Holly Jolly Ball Stuffers Pack 3
    Holly Jolly Stuffer Balls Pack 3 Learn More
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