Cockle Shell Shredder Twin Toy Pack



2 Great Value Toys with sea shells, an abundance of shredding materials and natural rope

For Caiques, Senegals, Cockatiels, Pionus etc

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2 Great value toys. The first, a basket filled with fibre and shredded paper to preen and shred, threaded with beads and sea shells.

16 x 12cm

The second toy a fibre roll filled with shredding fibre and with natural rope are 4 more on the bottom, these include shredded paper. With sea shells and natural wooden pieces smaller birds will love our toy pack.

23 x 13cm

More Information
Bird Type/Species African Grey, Budgie & Lovebird, Caique, Canary/Finch, Cockatiel, Conure, Indian Ringneck, Jardine, Kakariki, Minature Macaw, Parakeet, Pionus, Quaker & Parrotlet, Senegal & Meyers
Manufacturer Beaks
Product Type Chewable Toys
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