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F10 Avian CL Concentrate 5L

F10CL 5 Litre


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F10 Avian Disinfectant in a concentrated form. Simply dilute*, wash or spray and leave to air dry for continued disinfection.

Just spray on and leave to air-dry. No need to wash off.
Use to help keep your birds safe by disinfecting cages, perches, feed and water bowls etc.

Formulated to kill all known types of avian pathogens including Circovirus (PBFD), Avian flu, Aspergillus species, French Moult Viruses, Chlamydia, E.coli and many, many, more.....Non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-irritant, so safe for you, your birds and your equipment

F10 Avian CL Concentrate 5L
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