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F10 Hand Gel 500ml

F10 Hand Gel 500ml

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F10® Hand Gel is a waterless skin decontaminant. Use 1ml on the hands for skin decontamination when a washbasin is unavailable. Has the rapid kill times and spectrum of F10®SC and is completely safe and non-irritant.

  • Waterless antiseptic agent ideal for swift hand disinfection.
  • F10 core actives with 35% alcohol for quick drying with a kill rate >log6 (exceeding 1,000,000 times reduction in cell counts).
  • Broad-spectrum and fast-acting.
  • Forms an invincible glove to provide long-lasting residual protection.
  • Higher emollient levels than most hand gels and is therefore kind to the skin, even after frequent use.
F10 Hand Gel 500ml
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F10 Hand Gel 500ml
Review F10 Hand Gel 500ml