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Foraging Wall

Foraging Wall

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With the two chunky plastic links this Foraging Wall Parrot Toy can easily and securely be hung from the side of the Parrots cage (inside or out).

For ease of access (and to make the activity of foraging easier) place near to a perch so the bird can sit comfortably whilst they play. To make accessing the foraging activities more difficult hang away from perches, so the bird has to climb and hang on.

Leather rope has been used to fasten on the 4 foraging activities. The plastic waffle ball comes pre-filled with colourful crinkle paper; leave as it is and let the Parrot enjoy pulling out all the pieces or place edible treats inside for them to retrieve and enjoy.

More treats can be placed inside the wooden cups, which have a plastic lid the bird has to lift up, or you can wedge rewards in to the coloured plastic cogs. 

As the Parrot get more accustomed to the concept of foraging and using the activities, try placing rewards in one or two of the activities, promoting their Parrot to search harder. A second Foraging Wall can be added to make the search even more fun!

There is even space for you to design their own foraging activities which they can easily attach on to the woven sea grass wall - take a look at the Toy Making Parts for ideas

Suitable for Senegals, Meyers, African Greys, Galahs etc

Size Approx 35 x 37 x 10cm

Foraging Wall
Review Foraging Wall