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Four Way Forager

Four Way Forager

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The clear plastic containers allow pet birds to see the rewards hidden inside, now the just have to work out how to get them!
All the parts are connected and held together with metal chain for a durable toy pet birds can play with time after time. To fill one or more of the containers on the 4 Way Forager, lift up or slide the plastic lid, the replace once full.

The Parrot has to work out how to move the lids to gain access then at the same time get the reward back out before it closes. Not all rewards have to be edible, suggest placing favourite materials inside. You can even tie rewards to the chain inside the cups if their bird loves the extra challenge.

Fill the cups with shredded paper as well as a food treats to make it more challenging, Each time they can put a treat in just one or two cups so the bird has to check all four to be sure.

Suitable for African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, Cockatoos etc
Length 29cm (11.5")
Width 17cm (6.75”)