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Hagen Living World Toy Making Kit Wood

Hagen Living World Toy kit Wood

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A large selection of toy making pieces so you can get creative with the family and make your own personalised bird toys to suit your bird.

Alternatively use the parts to adapt current toys. Suitable for birds from African Grey and Amazon size up to macaws and Cockatoos.

Kit contains 28 pieces which includes

4 x Clasps

1 x thick rope approx 155cm long x 1cm thick

1 x Fabric covered rope approx 61cm long

2 x Cotton rope each approx 155cm long x 5mm thick

4 x Sweeties chunky wooden pieces covered in paper each approx 18 x 3 x 2cm

16 x wooden pieces varying from discs 7cm x 1cm with drilled middles to 5cm x 5cm chunky wooden blocks with drilled middles and sides, also 8cm x 2.5cm drilled logs.