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Java Hideys

Java Hideys


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These unique Java Hideys are suitable for small and medium sized birds such as Senegals, Quakers, Caiques, African Greys, Amazons etc
Made from strong Java Wood with a sanded nail trimming coating to part of the hide.
Each hidey comes complete on a varnished stand on wheels just like our Java Trees do to make them easy to move around and catch any mess.
The base on wheels is 102 x 58cm
The total height from base to top of the hidey is 120-130cm slight variances
The hidey itself is 50-55cm long with an opening at each end for your bird to climb inside to play. The side openings have a diameter of 28cm and there is also a top opening allowing your bird to peek out!
These hideys are great for birds who like to explore and you can add toys and shreddables inside.