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Jungle Wood And Rope Ladder

Jungle Wood And Rope Ladder

Review Jungle Wood And Rope Ladder
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This large jungle styled wood and rope ladder is great for keeping Parrots active and ultimately healthy. Over 30 pieces of wood, some coloured for added interest help to make up this beasty bridge.

The chunky wooden slices and branches have plenty of bark attached so the Parrot can spend time stripping it all off and chewing it up. Even after all that fun there is plenty more wood left to work on. Plus, the natural wood branch rungs ensure the Parrots feet stay well exercised as they play.

Natural and coloured cotton rope all knotted together run down the sides and lengths of thick metal wire has been threaded along both sides for added strength and to help keep the bridge in shape.

The Jungle wood and rope ladder toy can be attached to the roof of the Parrots cage using the quick links provided. You may wish to add lengths of chain or rope so the bridge hangs lower down. Or alternatively attach the quick links to the ends and fix it across the Parrots cage.
Suitable for all bird types

Length 95cm (37.5")
Width 27cm (10.5")
Height 25cm (10")

Jungle Wood And Rope Ladder
Review Jungle Wood And Rope Ladder