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Lost In Space

Lost In Space


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The large wiffle ball world at the centre of this Lost in Space Parrot Toy may well end up being the centre of any Parrots attention. Prefilled with natural wooden slats and coloured lolly sticks it can easily hold more fun and rewarding treats for Parrots. Simply push more materials or foods through the holes.

When the Parrot isn't in the mood for foraging, large plastic links and knotted sisal rope have been attached to the wiffle ball providing another mentally stimulating challenge - how will your Parrot decide to remove them?

Circling around the wiffle ball world via two half giant bagel rings Parrots will find wooden blocks, beads and knotted leather, as well as large plastic links holding corrugated card, great for hiding small seeds and food treats
Suitable for African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos etc
Length 39cm (15.4")
Width 35cm (13.75")
Depth 35cm (13.75")

Lost In Space
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