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Mimic Me

Mimic Me


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Recording words and phrases in your own voice helps to teach your bird to talk.
Birds are social creatures and desire the opportunity to interact and quickly learn to mimic sounds they hear regularly; the more language they are exposed to, the more the bird learns.

The Mimic Me assists in teaching pet birds new words and phrases through repetition. You can easily record the word or phraseyou wish your Parrot to learn and then press play. The high quality sound output means the recording is played back clearly enabling the bird to start learning straight away.

There are two recording / playback modes

Please note this is not a toy. Do not place the Mimic Me inside the bird`s cage or leave it where the bird can get at it. This is a training device and it is recommended that you supervise your bird whilst the Mimic Me is in use.
Height 7.5cm (3")

Width 6cm (2.25”)
Depth 3cm (1.25")

Plastic, Metal

How To Record
Flip switch from OFF position to Mode A (left) or Mode B (right)
Press and hold down the REC (record) button
Speak into the MIC(*) to record your message (uo to 10 seconds)
When finsihed, release the REC button
The begin playback while in either mode, press the PLAY button
To re-record, flip switch to OFF position, and back to Mode A or B
(*) Unit has no volume setting. Regulate volume by how close you are and how loudly you speak into the mic when recording.

Playback Modes
Mode A
Your recorded message will play 12 times, then stop. It will repeat the message 12 times, every 15 minutes, until Mimic Me is switched to OFF or the batteries run out.

Mode B
Your recorded message will play 12 times, then stop. It will repeat the mesage 12 times, every 10 minutes, for two hours. It will go silent for one hour, then repeat the message 1 time, as a reminder to switch the unit OFF and conserve the batteries.

Please Note: Batteries (x3 AAA) are included.

Mimic Me
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