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Mr Roboto

Mr Roboto

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With moving parts and brightly coloured pieces Mr Roboto is sure to intrigue a Parrots inquisitive mind. 

His chunky cube body is made from 6 interconnected puzzle shape pieces; each piece has a hole in it allowing the bird to see inside. This is where the fun begins! Remove either the front or back puzzle piece, then fill the inside with treats and or materials, then replace. Or alternatively push treats through the holes.

Now the bird can enjoy playing with their new robot friend as they work out how best to remove the treats from inside the puzzle cube.

The plastic cog which makes Mr Roboto's head is another great place to wedge treats in for the bird to retrieve, a task made a little more difficult as the cog piece moves as its touched.

Mr Roboto's arms and hands both move and can be twisted off from his puzzle cube body, great for Parrots who love taking thing apart

Suitable for birds such as Caiques, Senegals, African Greys, Amazons etc

Size Approx 22 x 13 x 5cm