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Nutrobal 250g

Nutrobal 250g


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Designed to help during growth and breeding in all birds. A good supplement for birds on a seed diet to boost their vitamin intake. Add to fruit, vegetables or soft food for the best results.

Vitamins A 500iu, D3 150iu, E 20iu, K 0.05mg, B1 0.5mg, B2 0.6mg, B6 0.3mg, B12 1.2ug, C 2.5mg. Biotin 0.001mg Folic Acid 0.15mg Nicotinic Acid 2.5mg Pantothenic Acid 0.5mg Choline Chloride 6mg Calcium 208mg Phosphorus 4.5mg Ca:P ratio 46:1 Sodium 2mg Iron 3mg Cobalt 0.05mg Iodine 0.05mg Manganese 1.75mg Zinc 3mg Selenium 0.005mg Copper 0.75mg

To correct diets deficient in calcium, a small pinch well scattered on food daily