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Over The Rainbow Senior

Over The Rainbow Senior


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At the ends of this rainbow Parrots are in for a treat, especially if they love chewing! Over The Rainbow Senior is packed full of colourful chewable wood and large ABC blocks there is plenty for a bird to get its beak in to.

Various plastic beads and coloured plastic cogs have been attached alongside the wooden parts on lengths of knotted leather adding even more textures to entice your Parrot to play.

The Plastic cogs make for great places to wedge small treats or rewards for the bird to find and retrieve.

As the Parrot pulls, climbs and swings around, a shiny bell will be chiming away from underneath the birdie bagel rainbow
Suitable for African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, Cockatoos etc
Length 37cm (14.5")
Width 20cm (8")
Depth 7cm (3")

Over The Rainbow Senior
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