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Paulie Rope 10ft

Paulie Rope 10ft


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10 foot lengths of Berger's Paulie Rope.

Comes in Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Fuschia, and Neon Orange. With the difficulty of getting the colors in this product the combination often changes depending on what colors we can get at that time.

It is a bird-safe stringing material that is manufactured specifically for the making of parrot toys. Paulie Rope consists of a polyethylene diamond braid made with a tight tension and no center core. This rope is easy to knot and requires no heating to keep the knot in place. The absence of the center core means even less strands to tangle and fray and it is fully washable and birds love to chew on it. It's also tough enough to stand up to macaws and cockatoos. This rope is vet-approved and has been in use by toy makers since 1994 with a perfect safety record.

Diameter of the rope is 1/8" One supplied colours vary

Paulie Rope 10ft
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