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Pollys Manu Mineral Extra Large

Pollys Manu Mineral Extra Large


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Manu Minerals provide an essential source of calcium and minerals. Moulded to look like irresistable cholla to provide roosting and chewing opportunities. This perch contains the very same minerals found in the Manu Rivers mineral rich clay in identical concentrations.
Birds flock to the tributary of this river in the Amazon and your bird will be drawn to the natural 9 minerals
Contains: Calcium 18% min; Iron 1.8% min; Manganese 0.10% min; Zinc 0.01% min; Copper 0.002% min; Magnesium 0.85% min; Phosphorus 0.20% min; Sodium 1.20% min; Potassium 0.10% min.
Manu Mineral Extra Large 2 1/4 x 12" Suitsall large birds