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Psitta Puzzle Medium

Psitta Puzzle Medium


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Level: 3 Skill and dexterity PSITTA-PUZZLE (step 1) Skill, colors and shapes. With the Psitta-Puzzle (step 1), the bird will recognize:
 The colored coins The colors (RED, YELLOW, BLUE and GREEN)
To insert an object in another one.
This game includes 4 coins of different colors and shapes and a white play board. The challenge which this game offers to the parrot is the skill to handle the objects with its beak. The sense of observation is also tested. It must recognize and associate the different shapes. All the parts of this game can easily fit in the play board, except the trapezoid. With the trapezoid, the bird will have to figure out the way in which the part must be inserted on the play board. The TRAPEZOID requires reflection and observation on the part of the bird. The aim of the game is to insert the parts in the correct places on the play board.
A great time to bond with your bird and have some one on one time.
Suitable for African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, Cockatoo
Board Size 20cm x 13cm
Shapes Approx 4-5cm
2cm Lifting peg on each shape with a hole in to help slot the beak through for moving.

Psitta Puzzle Medium
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