Rainforest Chile Small Bird Cage

Large Bird Cage for Small Birds With 1cm Bar Spacing.

For Parakeets, Kakariki, Cockatiels etc. Opens At The Top - Perch supplied


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Designed for smaller birds such as Budgies, Cockatiels, Conures and small parrots the Rainforest Chile with the opening top is a spacious home for your bird.

With seed catchers, opening doors to access 3 feeder bowls and a pull out grill and tray this makes the cage a great home for your bird. The opening top provides a play area for your birds without taking up extra space in the room

Size without seed catchers 66cm x 56cm x 162cm

Size with Width 86cm x Depth 76cm x 162cm    Internal 64 x 54 x 162cm

Bar spacing 1cm     Bar strength 3mm

Colour tones may vary between models


Rainforest Chile Small Bird Cage
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