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The colourful plastic bolt and wing nut certainly stand out to grab the Parrots attention. They are also easy to grip and the wing nut moves with ease as the bird twists and spins it along. 

Even if they spin it off the bolt, the length of chain which runs through the bolt has some colourful binky dummy beads attached, so it can't fall off. The bird`s next challenge is to work out how to get the wing nut back on!

The whiffle ball is filled with lots of colourful beads which rattle around as the bird plays with their Screwball Foot Toy. You can even push small edible treats through the holes for the bird to retrieve, or wedge treats in the shaped holes in the plastic mat. 

Using the metal loops at either end you can personalise their bird`s toy by tying on some of its favourite materials, or for smaller Parrots you can easily attach this toy to the cage with a pear link or quick link.

Suitable for Caiques, Conures, Senegals, Galahs, African Greys etc

Size Approx 12 x 5cm