Senior Hanging Binky Ball

Senior Hanging Binky Ball
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A large plastic wiffle ball with lots of dummy shaped pacifier beads sticking out all around. A hard colored baseball size plastic whiffle ball with lots of pacifier beads sticking out. It is hung with bird safe nickel plated chain with a jumbo bead on top and pony beads and more pacifiers. On the bottom are more large barrel pony beads and more pacifiers. Every bird loves these pacifier beads and have hours of fun playing with them
*Please note - Hanging Binky Ball Seniors come in a variety of colours so the colour may be different from the image shown*
33cm long x 15cm Suitable for all medium birds such as African Greys, Amazons, less destructive Cockatoos etc

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Bird Type/Species African Grey, Amazon, Caique, Eclectus, Galah & Smaller Cockatoo, Indian Ringneck, Large Macaw & Cockatoo, Minature Macaw, Pionus, Senegal & Meyers
Manufacturer Superbird Creations
Product Type Acrylic/Plastic Toy
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