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  1. Rainforest Santos I Play Top Large Parrot Cage
    As low as £459.00
    Our best selling play top cage for Amazons, Cockatoos and African Greys. With a 5mm bar strength, zinc free powder... Learn More
  2. Rainforest Bolivia Play Top Bird Cage
    As low as £255.00
    Rainforest Bolivia Play Top is suitable for Mini Macaws, Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Galahs, Pionus etc With a... Learn More
  3. Rainforest Belize Large Cage
    As low as £389.00
    A large affordable play top cage suitable for Macaws, Cockatoos etc. The play top area gives your bird space to play... Learn More
  4. Sale
    Rainforest Barcelona Medium Bird Play Top Cage
    Special Price £269.00 Regular Price £289.00
    Spacious medium bird play top cage, with large opening front door. Suits African Greys, Eclectus etc 2.5mm bar... Learn More
  5. Sale
    Liberta Alaska Corner Cage - Medium Parrot
    Special Price £225.00 Regular Price £239.00
    The Liberta Alaska medium bird corner cage is a space saving cage with play top. Featuring a wire opening door (not... Learn More
  6. Liberta Angel Medium Bird Cage With Play Area
    As low as £328.99
      The Angel Parrot cage has a play top, 2 feeder bowls inside the cage and a further 2 on the top. Features a seed... Learn More
  7. Liberta Cambridge 2nd Edition Play Top Cage
    As low as £339.00
    This cage comes complete with 5 stainless steel feeding bowls and 3 perches. It has parrot safe door openings and swing... Learn More

A guide to cages suitable for African Greys