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Caique Accessories
Caique Accessories

Lighting, Travel Cages, Air Purifiers, harnesses, hideaways and accessories for Caiques

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  1. Arcadia Parrot Pro UV Waterproof Bird Lamp & Holder
          Unlike normal fluorescent lamps, the Arcadia Bird Lamp uses special UV emitting phosphors to replicate the... Learn More
  2. F10 Hand Foam 50ml BUY ONE GET ONE FREE
    F10® Hand Foam is a ready to use, waterless, alcohol-free* hand sanitiser effective against bacterial, fungal and... Learn More
  3. New
    Bird Rucksack Traveller
    Suitable for Medium and small birds the rucksack is lightweight and folds flat when not in use. With removable perch... Learn More
  4. Millet/Vegetable Holder
    Drop a millet spray or a piece of vegetable into the holder so your bird can pick and eat at it. Any mess falls into... Learn More
  5. Snooze Hut - Large Bird Hideaway
    Snuggly quilted snooze hut, somewhere soft for your bird to sleep. Supervision recommended and always check for signs... Learn More
  6. New Bird Starter Pack
    Unsure what you need to get started with your new bird? No problem, leave it to us!  Select your bird type and one of... Learn More
  7. Feather Pluckers Pack
    We will put together a selection of products which may help prevent your bird from fether plucking. Please note this is... Learn More
  8. F10 Aerosol Fogger Complete Room Sanitiser 500ml
    Simply place the canister in the room and activate the fogger for quick, easy and effective disinfection. The F10... Learn More
  9. PureMate PM505 Hepa Air Purifier
    PureMate 5 IN 1 Air Cleaning System:  With Negative Ion Generator Activated Carbon Filter for chemicals, gases... Learn More
  10. New
    PureMate HEPA 501 Air Purifier with 4 Speed Settings, for Home Allergies dust Pollen
    3 STAGE AIR PURIFICATION: True HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of airborne allergens such as household dust, pet... Learn More
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    Healthy Beak Mineral Block Bird Toy
    Your birds health is very important. Here not only with the minerals in these 2 stones help your bird remain healthy... Learn More
  12. New
    Ice Cream Minerals
    Three fruity mineral blocks in fun ice cream shapes. Let your bird nibble away at them to benefit from essential... Learn More
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    Blood Stop Powder Natural 5oz
    BLOOD STOP POWDER is a natural hemostatic product used to stop bleeding from minor cuts, wounds, or over trimmed... Learn More
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    Avian Calming Formula 1oz
    AVIAN CALMING FORMULA is made with the amino acid L-theanine, along with B-vitamins and lethicin. L-theanine, which is... Learn More
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    Antibacterial/Antifungal 1oz
    ANTIBACTERIAL/ANTIFUNGAL is an all-natural treatment for Candida, fungus, yeast and bacterial infections. It consists... Learn More
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    Stainless Steel Secura Bird Food Bowl/Bird Bath 2 Litres
    Stainless Steel Secura Cup is designed for birds who like to remove pots!! This pot has a twin wire spring clip to hold... Learn More
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    Mango Bug Spray 32oz - Natural Repellent
    This all natural Bug Spray is the all safest and most natural way to control pests. It contains natural botanical... Learn More
  18. New
    Enoz BioCare Birdseed Moth Traps
    Birdseed & Pantry moths are attracted to dry foodstuffs and birdseed. The lure attracts male moths, trapping them... Learn More
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    Arcadia T5 PureSun Midi Light Kit
    PureSun-Midi is a brand new and exclusive new lighting system from Arcadia Bird, the world leaders in... Learn More
  20. Arcadia PureSun Ts Midi Light BULB ONLY
    Replacement bulb to be used with Arcadia T5 Midi Light. Learn More
  21. New
    Arcadia Puresun Full Spectrum UV-B Light Kit
    PureSun Compact Bird Lighting Kit including bolt on cage lamp holder, highly efficient reflector with guard and 20W... Learn More
  22. New
    Vet Wrap Self Adhesive Bandage Non-woven Elastic
    Vet Wrap is not only used on injuries but also to cover perching areas for better grip. Often used on java trees or to... Learn More
  23. 10" Stainless Steel Skewer Kabob
        Stainless Steel Skewer Kabob 10". For hanging fruit, vegetables and treats. Suits all... Learn More
  24. Parrot Travel Bag Carrier Large
        A convenient over the shoulder travel bag with adjustable strap and carry handle. Great fun for taking... Learn More
  25. New
    Parrot Travel Bag Carrier Small
        A convenient over the shoulder travel bag, with adjustable strap. Also with carry handle. Great fun for... Learn More
  26. Keyring Caique Parrot
        A Top Quality Clear Acrylic KeyringSize: Image Insert Size:35 x 50mm, Body Size 60 x 42mm Learn More
  27. Coaster Caique Parrot Design
        Coaster Base is Made from Ground Leather with a 1.5mm Cork BackingWith a Clear Heat Resistant Wipe... Learn More
  28. Gift Mug Caique Parrot Design
        Excellent Quality White Ceramic Glazed Coffee-Tea Mug with Full Colour Photo Image/PrintThe Image is... Learn More
  29. Jute Bag Natural Caique Parrot Design
        The Large PVC Picture Window Holds a Photo Print Inside of the Image ShownJute is Made from Natural... Learn More
  30. Sure Lock 10oz Small Feeder Bowl
        Cage mounted food and water cup in a space saving oval shape. Locks securely to mounting bracket... Learn More
  31. Sure Lock 20oz Large Feeder Bowl
        Cage mounted food and water cup in a space saving oval shape. Locks securely to mounting... Learn More
  32. F10 Odour Eliminator Bird Safe Air Freshener 500ml
        F10® Odour Eliminator is a ready to use, diluted F10®SC with added pine fragrance which... Learn More
  33. Poop-Off Outdoor Multi-Use Clean-Up Liquid 32oz
        Use on vehicles, buildings, patios, roofs, decking, statues, outdoor furniture, pottery, flooring,... Learn More
  34. Arcadia Mini UVB Avian Light Kit
        This is a full kit consisting of the light bar with integrated switch (electronic ballast) power cable,... Learn More
  35. Bird Feeder Bowl - Cool Bowl Small
        Strong plastic bowl with fitting to attach to the side of the cage. Bowl locks into place on the arm... Learn More
  36. Adventure Bird Harness Extra Small - 6 Colours
    As low as £10.00
        The adventure Harness fits easily and safely onto your bird with minimal effort and... Learn More
  37. Bird Perch Cleaning Tool
          Convenient scrubber for removing waste & buildup on perchesMakes cleaning your bird's... Learn More
  38. New
    Bird First Aid Kit
        This first aid kit is suitable to use on all Parrots, Parakeets, wild birds and poultry and includes... Learn More
  39. New
    F10 Avian RTU Bird Safe Disinfectant - 1 Litre
        This convenient disinfectant spray is ready to use straight from the bottle. Just spray on and leave to... Learn More
  40. F10 Avian CL Concentrate Disinfectant - Bird Safe 1 Litre
          Just spray on and leave to air-dry. No need to wash off.Use to help keep your birds safe by... Learn More
  41. F10 Avian CLXD Concentrate Cleaner Disinfectant 1 Litre
        An F10 Avian Disinfectant with added detergent to provide an easy ‘one-step’ cleaning and... Learn More
  42. F10 Avian CL Concentrate Sanitiser 5L
        . Just spray on and leave to air-dry. No need to wash off.Use to help keep your birds safe by... Learn More
  43. F10 Avian CLXD Cleaner Disinfectant Concentrate 5 Litre
        An F10 Avian Disinfectant with added detergent to provide an easy ‘one-step’ cleaning and... Learn More
  44. Arcadia Mini UV Lamp Bulb replacement
          Replacement UV Bulb to fit Arcadia Mini UV Lamp Holder Learn More
  45. New
    Feeder Bowl Shield Small - Stops Mess
    As low as £4.00
    Metal Feeder/water Bowl shield to prevent your birds food or water being soilted by droppings or food. Can also... Learn More
  46. New
    Feeder Bowl Shield Large - Stops Mess
    As low as £5.00
      Metal Feeder/water Bowl shield to prevent your birds food or water being soilted by droppings or food. Can... Learn More
  47. Stainless Steel Croc Lock Bird Bowl 20oz
        Dishwasher safe 20oz stainless steel croc lock bowl, twists into place locking securely so your bird... Learn More
  48. New
    Beech Chips 6L Bird Safe Substrate
        A natural substrate to use on the bottom of cages or stands. 100% bird safe. With the dust extracted... Learn More
  49. Fruit Holder Skewer Kabob - Pear Design
        A good way to encourage your bird to eat fruit and vegetables. Hung on this kabob skewer (unscrew the... Learn More
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    PureMate® PM 510 Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air Purifier
    Special Price £139.50 Regular Price £155.00
        Best for Medium and Large Rooms True HEPA Filtration - captures 99.99% of airborne particles UV-C... Learn More
  51. Out of stock
    Mango Parrot Feather Bath Spray 8oz
    A light blend of the naturally occurring essential fatty acids of vitamin A, D & E then blended with aloe vera,... Learn More
  52. Java Fruit Cup Jelly Holder + 6 Mixed Jelly Pots
    The Java Wood Fruit Cup Jelly Holder attaches to the side of the cage. Place your Jelly in the holder and let... Learn More
  53. New
    Avifood Anti Plucking Bird Spray - With Aloe Vera 250ml
    A soothing topical spray with antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effects, Although designed to help all birds... Learn More
  54. New
    Avifood Tropical Bird Shower Spray 250ml
      A natural, non-toxic soothing and hydrating topical... Learn More
  55. New
    Bird Training Clicker
          Clicker training is very successful with all bird types. Rewarding positive behaviour and... Learn More
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    Pack Of 4 Universal Cage Clips/ Treat Holders Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!
    Special Price £1.00 Regular Price £3.00
    Pack of 4 universal treat holders. The ridged back slots between the bars of most bird cages though is not suitable... Learn More
  57. PM 510 Air Purifier Replacement True HEPA & Active Carbon Filter Set (2in1)
            Replacement True HEPA & Active Carbon Filter for PureMate HEPA Air Purifier... Learn More
  58. New
    F10 Hand Scrub 500ml
      F10® Hand Scrub is a broad spectrum, high level disinfecting soap/scrub with rapid kill times of bacteria,... Learn More
  59. Fruit Holder Skewer Kabob - Apple Design
        A good way to encourage your bird to eat fruit and vegetables. Hung on this kabob skewer (unscrew the... Learn More
  60. Birdie Camping Tent
        Nicely shaped tent secured by rods around the outside to hold its shape which are useful for the bird... Learn More
  61. New
    Opti'Plume 250ml Hydrating Feather Spray
          A hydrating bird care spray formulated with Aloe Vera and Cherry Blossom extract for... Learn More
  62. New
    Arcadia PureSun Avian Light Kit
        PureSun-Mini is the perfect complete kit for illuminating smaller species of companion bird living in... Learn More
  63. Arcadia Mini Puresun Lamp Bulb replacement
          Replacement UV Bulb to fit Arcadia Puresun Lamp Holder Learn More
  64. Crock Lock Bowl Small 10oz
    Durable, dishwasher safe, easily removed but lock in place to stop birds throwing them to the floor. Suitable for all... Learn More
  65. Stainless Steel Secura Bird Food Bowl 1 Litre
        With a twin wire spring clip to hold the pot in place, when you want to remove it simply pull it. Easy... Learn More
  66. Out of stock
    Bolt On Bird Feeder Bowl 150ml
        A bowl which bolts on to the cage, great to use inside or on the outside of the cage for food or... Learn More