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    F10 Hand Foam 50ml
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £5.40
    F10® Hand Foam is a ready to use, waterless, alcohol-free* hand sanitiser effective against bacterial, fungal and... Learn More
  2. New
    Ice Cream Minerals
    Three fruity mineral blocks in fun ice cream shapes. Let your bird nibble away at them to benefit from essential... Learn More
  3. Morning Bird Blood Stop Powder Natural 5oz
    BLOOD STOP POWDER is a natural hemostatic product used to stop bleeding from minor cuts, wounds, or over trimmed... Learn More
  4. New
    Morning Bird Antibacterial/Antifungal 1oz
    ANTIBACTERIAL/ANTIFUNGAL is an all-natural treatment for Candida, fungus, yeast and bacterial infections. It consists... Learn More
  5. New
    Scarletts Hormone Harmony R Leaf Bird Tea
    R Leaves are known to help settle hormone imbalances. Our high strength organic mix is suited to all bird types. Place... Learn More
  6. New
    Scarletts Calming Chamomile Leaf Bird Tea
    Chamomile is a natural leaf tea to settle and calm birds. Our high strength organic mix is suited to all bird... Learn More
  7. New
    Scarletts Nutritious Nettle Leaf Bird Tea
    Nettle is known to aid the kidneys ease arthritis and is good for the skin. Our high strength organic mix is suited to... Learn More
  8. New
    Versele Laga Clay Bloc Mini
    For all small birds. Composition based on fresh clay, grit and flint grit. A source of minerals and essential trace... Learn More
  9. Pack of 2 Mineral Lollipops
    Pack of 2 mineral lollipops. Your bird can hold the stick and chew on the stones ingesting the essential minerals or... Learn More
  10. New
    F10 Wipes REFIL PACK
    We hope you are already familiar with the F10 Disinfectant Wipes, but in brief, they are biodegradable, single-use... Learn More
  11. New
    Mango Pet Parrot Shampoo 8oz
    In our bird's world where we've introduced lipstick from kisses, newsprint ink, hand oils, and a variety of other... Learn More
  12. New
    Mango Parrot Feather Bath Spray
    A favorite of Veterinarians and Breeders everywhere, Mango Pet’s Parrot Bath Spray blends a higher viscosity of... Learn More
  13. New
    Mango Dyna Mite Feather Treatment 8oz
    Dyna-Mite Spray is a natural bird safe formula for controlling mite and lice in the avian environment. Dyna-Mite... Learn More
  14. New
    Morning Bird Bee Pollen Powder 1oz - Immunity Booster
    Morning Bird Bee Pollen Powder is the most complete, concentrated food found in nature and is an all natural source... Learn More
  15. New
    Morning Bird Hearty Bird Immunity Booster 3oz
    Hearty Bird is a concentrated, high potency vitamin/mineral supplement for all birds. This product provides a broad... Learn More
  16. New
    Feather Glo Red Palm Oil 4oz
    FEATHER-GLO consists of organic and sustainably sourced red palm oil extracted from the fruit of the dende palm... Learn More
  17. Sale
    F10SC Disinfectant RTU Trigger Spray 1 Litre
    Special Price £12.00 Regular Price £12.40
        F10®SC is a veterinary disinfectant which achieves a broad spectrum kill of a wide range of... Learn More
  18. Fussy Feeder Water Supplement 100g
          Add to the drinking water daily. Because the germs in the water will benefit from this... Learn More
  19. Flourish Herbal Immune System Booster 80g
        Natural herbal ingredients that help to support the bird's immune system, attack disease causing... Learn More
  20. New
    Guardian Angel Sick Bird Supplement 40g
        Assists the immune system to act quickly and effectively when the bird becomes ill. Also helps stressed... Learn More
  21. F10 Hand Scrub 500ml
      F10® Hand Scrub is a broad spectrum, high level disinfecting soap/scrub with rapid kill times of bacteria,... Learn More
  22. New
    Opti'Plume 250ml Hydrating Feather Spray
          A hydrating bird care spray formulated with Aloe Vera and Cherry Blossom extract for... Learn More
  23. Bioplus Probiotic 100g
        Probiotic for birds with vitamins, minerals, yeast extracts and glucose polymers. Restores and... Learn More
  24. Daily Essentials 1 Water Soluble Multivitamin 100g
        Water Soluble Multivitamin with13 different vitamins and 9 trace minerals. Learn More
  25. Daily Essentials 3 Multivitamin 100g
        On food multi-vitamins and minerals for birds. Add to softfood or fruits/vegetables. Contains 13... Learn More
  26. Calcivet Liquid Calcium Supplement 50ml
        A liquid calcium supplement for birds with added vitamin D3 for addition into drinking water or onto... Learn More
  27. Sale
    Calcivet Liquid Calcium Supplement 100ml
    Special Price £11.00 Regular Price £11.10
        A liquid calcium supplement for birds with added vitamin D3 for addition into drinking water or onto... Learn More
  28. Calcivet Calcium On Food Powder 80g
        Calcium powder supplement for birds with added vitamin D3 for application onto soft food or fresh... Learn More
  29. Feather Up Moulting Powder 100g
        multi-vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein. Helps to promote excellent feather condition and... Learn More
  30. EasyBird Pet Bird Supplement 100g
        Comprehensive all in one supplementation to promote excellent health and feather condition.Provides... Learn More
  31. Better Beak Trimmer Small
        Allow your bird to instinctively chew and grind his beak down on this solid yet fun looking toy. This... Learn More
  32. Loro Parque Bird Mineral Block 400g
    A healthy balance of different types of grit, sea algae, calcium, soluble minerals, trace elements and iodine. Learn More
  33. F10 Germicidal Barrier Ointment Bird Treatment 25g
        F10®Germicidal Barrier Ointment is a multi-purpose broad spectrum preparation effective against a... Learn More
  34. Syringe 1ml
        Syringe 1ml for use in administering supplements and medication Learn More
  35. Syringe 5ml
        Syringe 5ml for use in administering supplements and medication Learn More
  36. Syringe 10ml
        10ml syringe, for use in administering supplements and medication Learn More
  37. Colloidal Silver 250ml - For Injuries
        Colloidal Silver is a natural alternative to anti-biotics. Can be used neat as drinking water or... Learn More
  38. Orlux Amazon River Clay Block 550g
    This block provides the minerals and trace elements naturally found on the banks of the Amazon river in Brazil Learn More
  39. Crushed Charcoal Bird Supplement 500ml
        Mix with bird seed daily or sprinkle on the cage for them to forage. Fights hyperacidity and absorbs... Learn More

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