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When shopping for your parrot accessories it is important you have available brands you can trust.

Scarletts stock only the highest quality bird foods and all our bird toys are safety tested meeting the required UK guidelines.

Brands such as Zoo Max Bird Toys are popular for their groovy block designs and are widely known for their toy making parts.

Adventure Bound toys for birds offer the widest selection of bird toys across the UK, available only at Scarletts Parrot Essentials.

Our leading brands of Avian Specific Bird Seeds are all seven times filtered and tested for Mycotoxins, peanut free seed mixes of the highest quality.

Roudybush complete pellet bird food is only available through Scarletts Parrot Essentials as we are the UK retailer and importer of this product. This means we can offer you low priced quality recognised brands of bird products.

Pretty Bird, Kaytee and Zupreem Bird Food offer you value bird feed, these well known brands of pellets for birds are available in species specific varieties.

Our shop by bird section will show you the best brands available for your bird species.

Harrisons Organic Bird Food is always in stock along with Higgins, Sky Gold and leading bird food brands.

Scarletts import high quality Brands of Pet products which are only available in America, offering them right here in the UK. Mango pet Products and Morning Bird Healthcare ranges for birds are only found here at Scarletts Parrot Essentials because we are the leading UK supplier of all bird products.

Our Scarletts Brands of bird seeds and foods offer you smaller trial sized bird food and treats so you do not waste money buying large bags of things your birds do not like.

From time to time we offer free samples of bird treats with our orders.

The UK leading brands of safe bird cages are Rainforest Cages and Liberta Cages. These 2 popular brands of parrot cage are the safest on the market highly regarded for their zinc free powder coating.

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Heaven Fresh Air Purifiers available with money saving offers at Scarletts along with the more affordable Pure Mate air purifiers ensure you can control your bird allergies and keep your home dust free.

Hagen Hari bird food and parrot diets offer you soaking foods for birds and Tidymix bird treats are a brand highly recognised in the UK for their treats and bird seed diets that Parakeets will love.

Pretty Bird African Grey Diet is formulated specially for this species and the Pretty Bird Hi Energy Macaw is available in 2 sizes.

If you are looking for brands of parrot accessories you can trust you can shop safely and securely at Scarletts Parrot Essentials. Read our Google reviews and see what our customers think