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    Arcadia T5 PureSun Midi Light Kit
    Special Price £70.00 Regular Price £80.00
    PureSun-Midi is a brand new and exclusive new lighting system from Arcadia Bird, the world leaders in... Learn More
  2. Arcadia PureSun Ts Midi Light BULB ONLY
    Replacement bulb to be used with Arcadia T5 Midi Light. Learn More
  3. New
    Arcadia Puresun Full Spectrum UV-B Light Kit
    PureSun Compact Bird Lighting Kit including bolt on cage lamp holder, highly efficient reflector with guard and 20W... Learn More
    This is a full kit consisting of the light bar with integrated switch (electronic ballast) power cable, 1.5m link... Learn More
  5. Arcadia Screw UV Bulb
    Arcadia Screw UV Bulb Learn More
  6. Arcadia Parrot Pro UV Waterproof Bird Lamp & Holder
          Unlike normal fluorescent lamps, the Arcadia Bird Lamp uses special UV emitting phosphors to replicate the... Learn More
  7. Arcadia Guide To Nutrition Book John Courtney Smith
        This book received a glowing reference by the editor of Cage and Aviary birds paper and by bestselling... Learn More
  8. Arcadia Puresun UV Lamp Bulb replacement
          Replacement UV Bulb to fit puresun avian light kit Learn More
  9. Arcadia PureSun Avian Light Kit
        PureSun-Mini is the perfect complete kit for illuminating smaller species of companion bird living in... Learn More